Hamza Ali Abbasi & Saba Qamar Relationship - Fake or True Hamza Ali Abbasi & Saba Qamar Relationship - Fake or True

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The plausible chemistry between Salahuddin and Mannu is one of the serial's strong points The main leads and indeed the entire cast share an easy chemistry, making every interaction seem natural and normal. From the first scene it is obvious that Mannu and Salahuddin are wary of each other, but the audience soon realizes that friction is just a veneer for a simmering attraction that both are trying to suppress.

Full credit is due to Samira Romantic flirty lines to say for providing a fast paced script which not only sets the scene but moves the story forward.


Height of irresponsible journalism! The star attraction is of course Hamza Ali Abbasi, who returns to the silver screen for the first time since his iconic portrayal of Afzal in Pyarey Afzal.

Abbasi manages to make a strong impression in this first episode, his powerful screen presence and strong, controlled performance promise great things ahead for this serial. Mann Mayal offers up a cliched version of girlhood The most obvious critique is that the whole episode seems a little too familiar — the sets, the wardrobe, the atmosphere of a provincial town, the friendly terms between families of different means and the relationship between Mannu, Beeya and Salahuddin all come a hamza ali abbasi and saba qamar dating services too close to the Pyarey Afzal mode of being.

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Sparks fly Salahuddin is the more discerning of the pair, a quiet, studious, sensible young man who understands the world well beyond his years. Blissfully unaware, Mannu visits her friend Beeya to make mithai for the coming guests, but ends up studying with Salahuddin again.

The way she jumps about knocking into people, sneaking out at night to visit a mazaar, her stubborn, 'stand your ground' nature and quick comebacks are a stock persona we see in every third drama.

She brought up by her grandmother, now, the actress in Lahore, Pakistan with the grandmother. Saba established her name in the media arena strongly within very short time by her terrific acting performance and won the several awards. Hopefully that is superficial and the next episode's teaser does seem to dispel it, but it is too powerful an image to ignore.

Hamza also cleared that he and Saba are very close and very good friends.

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After such drama now Hamza Abbas came up with a clarification that there is nothing going between the two actors plus he also clarified that they are not going to get married to each other. All the ingredients are there. This news caused much distress to me and Saba, who is an extremely close and dear friend of mine.

Hamza was very mad at journalists and websites which spread such rumors and he stated his comments out loud. Saba was aspired to be a choreographer, if though not becomes a film actress.

The mothers, fathers, chachis, phupo and even cousin Tipu have their own unique characters and are anything but generic.

The news was all around media and was also seen on many blogs and websites that both extremely talented actors are in to each other and are soon going to tie knot.

'Kambakht' is a comedy with a cause: Hamza Ali Abbasi

Haseeb Hassan's work often relegates the audience to a distant third person but for this intense love story there is a lot of warmth and intimacy in the way this drama has been made. Sadaf Haider blogs at SadafSays. The story so far From the first scene it is obvious that Mannu and Salahuddin are wary of each other So things cleared, and good news for all the ladies who are dreaming to get handsome Hamza Abbas.

This is a well-made drama worth watching. The recent fervor at Hum TV to make dramas like Sangat and Gul e Rana which glamourise rapists may thankfully have abated. Saba Qamar is the first member of the family who builds up a career in the showbiz arena.

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Saba Qamar Early Life: As the serial progresses, perhaps Mannu may also reach some level of nuance beyond the expected. The dashing Hamza Abbas straight forwardly rejected all the rumors of getting married to the pretty lady.

Apart from, it is a rumor; she is romantically linked with her cousin, the news also denied by the actress. Aries Saba Qamar is a popular and well-known actress of Pakistan who comes to the media arena by performing in a television series.

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Modest, middle class background notwithstanding, Salahuddin is not Afzal. In the political drama, she showed off magnificent performance and got positive acclamation from the audience. Hamza Ali Abbasi rumor Religion: Similarly the way Mannu sneaks out at night to visit a mazaar to pray for success in her exams was very reminiscent of Sadqay Tumharey.

She was passionate about media arena from early childhood. She was born in such family where none of the members was interested about showbiz industry.

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She jumps from one mood to another like a child, trying to attract the attention of her serious new teacher. She is one of the emerging powerful actresses of Pakistan media industry like Sohai Abro. Maya Ali has done an excellent job: