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This is a time when longtime members, as well as prosas urbanas online dating may briefly share their challenges with ET, their favorite doctors, helpful medications, etc.

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Without the dedication and expertise of women like Laurel this forum would not be possible. With your assistance, we can reach more people this year.

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It is shockingly good. Jeff Pector Posted by Joe Bremhorst 30 comments: I leave all of the other options here unchecked, but your choice. Thank You We'd like to thank Laurel Coates for her time and energy in facilitating the East Bay Doula Circle meetings and list for the last several years.

October 28, — Welcome Doulas of the East Bay - pot luck lunch! Look here for upcoming events! Show voice-to-text key — Check!!! Meetings will be held monthly in members' homes, alternating between morning and evening.

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J We look forward to seeing you Saturday! See the details about the meeting location below. Please follow the link below to find group dating east bay information about the newly formed Doulas of the East Bay and the doula meetings.

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I can read my own writing. During the beginning of our second hour, another long-term member will tutor us on one or more of the assistive technologies that helps him cope with Essential Tremor: Doulas of the East Bay is a new organization to promote professionalism, camaraderie and community for east bay doulas at large.

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March is Essential Tremor Awareness Month! After lunch in the Google cafeteria, we discussed new and innovative ideas that Anupam and Michael were exploring to help control Essential Tremor's impact on a person's ability to write legibly.

We meet from noon but we fill up fast. Pot luck lunch — bring anything or just show up! Thank you also to Laurel's family for supporting her supporting us, we know she's a busy mother, wife, doula. Show comma and context-shortcuts key — Check Show punctuation key — Check Show edit-utilities key — Check, be sure to try this out for some very helpful tools!

Doula meetings will be held monthly, will continue to have speakers appropriate for the doula profession as well as peer review and a time to network and discuss any ideas, issues or concerns pertaining to your line of birth work - very much in the spirit of the East Bay Doula Circles.

Our Meetings

Medications, holistic measures and finally, our favorite medical clinicians. Please rsvp so that I may make up a nametag and arrive in time to put it on and find a seat!

It was a very interesting conversation and exchange of ideas. Display Top Row — Check!

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Because the condition can be treated in many cases, it is important for people to seek help early if they exhibit symptoms. I can eat soup again!!

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I remember Mom being very self conscious of her tremor and worked hard to hide it. I can shave without cutting myself! As many of us have difficulty typing with Essential Tremor, this may prove to be very helpful.

One member will discuss her very recent experience with Deep Brain Stimulation surgery.


I use this terrific voice-to-text feature all the time! She shook terribly in her later life, barely able to get food into her mouth. We'll end the 2nd hour with personal share.

I find this top row very helpful. Joe and I will then follow-up with info on Gamma-Knife surgery. Now let's fast forward to my later years. The purpose of our visit was in response to an invitation by Anupam Pathak, the inventor of the now infamous LiftWare Spoon.

Play around with the many settings for this or whatever keyboard you like, and see what works best for you and your tremor.