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The Dog Walker[5] a planned miniseries about a character and his group of friends.

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This countered a contemporary trend in series television to target a specific audience demographic. Bahiano dismissed their reaction as jealousy. Leyrado, who was 60 years old when the series was made, said that he shameless co-stars dating still active in his personal life and played the character according to his own experiences.

Graduados was part of a trend in Argentine television toward nostalgia.

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Sos mi hombre's premiere episode was outscored by Graduados, 26 to The move was unsuccessful, with Graduados more highly rated than Showmatch before and after the change. She read about victims of school bullying to inform her character and declined other work during the year to stay focused on the series, becoming emotionally attached to her character.

Although Patricia's past identity as Jimena was intended to be a secret for only graduados argentina online dating episodes, Macedo insisted that the mystery should be maintained for a longer time.

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Although it includes a number of flashbacks, the scripts did not limit the actors to a s viewpoint; according to consultant Mariela Mociulsky, the show reflects more modern realities such as men showing their emotions and women having greater autonomy in their lives than TV shows of the s did.

This was the first fictional same-sex marriage on Argentine television since it was legalized inreflected the growing acceptance of sexual freedom in Argentina.

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Although they played characters of similar ages, they rarely have joint scenes. Unlike the usual telenovela grandfather a secondary characterhis character has a prominent role and his own story arcs.

For comic effect, the flashbacks were filmed with the actors who played the adult characters instead of younger actors.

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Since the Goddzers are a Jewish familyJewish holidays are included. The writers gradually expanded the storyline, incorporating more characters and story arcs.

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The high-school years of the main characters are depicted in flashbacksa recurring element. Production[ edit ] Graduados refers frequently to the s [1] the decade in which the main characters attended high schoolusing s Argentine slang and flashbacks to evoke nostalgia.

Isabel Macedo had to be heavily made up to appear obese for the flashbacks. Pablo Echarri made a guest appearance as the trip's coordinator, [22] and fans of the show were selected in an internet competition to join the trip to Bariloche as extras. Los Pericos sent a cease and desist letter to the production team and complained on Twitter about the episode.

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Bahiano left the band inand did not maintain a good relationship with them. Although it was primarily a comedy, it also had a dramatic approach to LGBT rights and school bullying.

The program uses s music usually Argentine rock extensively, and several Argentine musicians from the decade were invited to make cameo appearances. The series uses s music —in particular, Argentine rock—and several Argentine musicians made cameo appearances.