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But, my favorite of these mirror images has to be her.

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No one beats Gumi's sweet mischievous personality! Despite the connotation of the positive symbol, it gangnam style vocaloid len dating not necessarily convey assent to the idea under consideration, but rather the call for a specific action suggested by the user in response to the proposed idea.

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Her outfit is unique and represents her well and it goes perfectly with her style of hair. Not to mention the fact that her outfit goest together ever-so perfectly. Her eyes are very pretty, too. And she doesn't need to wear short skirts to be gorgeous! He's the hottest vocaloid he can be cute one moment, and hopelessly sexy in the next Every comment below - Frostrose V 89 Comments 2 Megurine Luka Well, she has bigger boobs than most of the girls besides Meiko, so that's a winner Shall this be considered as an "internet meme"?

Kagamine Rin all voicebanks is the best Vocaloid ever! I mean like, come on how many people do you know that can rock an orange skirt with green hair?

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Which is what everything that I said from the begining makes her capture your heart. No one knows Where she comes from or her age. I love her short hair though she looks just as good with longand her ribbon. I don't know what it is about me and guys with long hair.

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From head to toe, she is filled with mystery, beauty, life, elegance And yet if you look closely it is like she is hiding something behind everything that I have said. He is so manly ;D.

But its not about that, I'm glad Luka is this high on the list but she has to be higher! She can be bought with her twin brother, Len Kagamine. Kaito's character is very profound with his iconic sapphire blue, his muffler and his loving for ice cream, being a kind and fun loving elder brother.

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She can look good without needing a huge chest. A second paradox is that if this meme gets approval and it is seen in the regular listings of the confirmed memes in the knowyourmeme.

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She can also sing cheerful ones, like "Always Be Happy", and Tsundere songs like "Demon Girlfriend", and sounds absolutely awesome, but at the same time, her sad ones are absolutely heavenly.

She's mysterious, extremely gorgeous, and her voice is like an angel.

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He is good look and his voice it's pretty good when synchronized correctly or when he sings with miku-chan they are my favorite couple, I love len cute I think kaito is more good looking and innocent, I don't know why people put kaito as a pervert when he is the most innocent of the vocaloids and nicest, if you ask me the more perverted is len because he is always singing about his attraction toward rin, he is not so perverted but kaito is the more innocent Why not Kaito?

Not by the spread of it thats for sure, but it can be considered by the significancy that it has: Gumi is sweet, mischievous at times, but her voice is soft and real at the same time, something you don't usually get in vocaloids.

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His purple hair makes him very attractive. Sorry Len, you're hot and all, but I like Rin just a bit more. Well, I never shown any interest in Vocaloid since I heard IA's Voice ; it sounds so real compare to the majority of the other Vocaloids! Just from six trillion years and a night you can tell that she is hiding something.

She is voiced by Megumi Nakajima. His tall and slender figure allow him to dance elegantly on stage. I bet most people voted for Miku and others because she's popular. I have nothing else to say, she is just THE perfect Vocaloid for me. His voice can make you cry or dance, she is an angel but at the same time we can feel the mystery surrondng her, like we can never get closer to her, with a hard past that we can understand in her songs full of emotions.

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Moreover, her outfil is simple but beautiful she IS simply beautiful. Oh well we got cosplay! She is voiced by Asami Shimoda. Gumi and the kagamine siblings are overrated! I've never really heard any others reach.

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The mysterious aura around her makes you more and more curious about her. I just simply love everything about Kamui Gakupo. She is cute, she has a great voice, her songs are addicting, and I just love when her and Len sing together. IA is the best vocaloid, I love her because I think she is an amazing singer, same to her voice Lia.

And her style of clothes attracts a lot of attention not to mention her glamorous long hair. So there you have it he's cool, attractive, and a great singer. And that high voice of hers is in no way a hindrance when she sings sad songs.

She is very attractive and her voice is amazing, a lot of people underestimate her cause her voice is too low, but unlike most of the other Vocaloids her voice is actually not screeching in Your ear drums.