Robert Roldan and Gaby Diaz - SYTYCD 13 Top 4 Robert Roldan and Gaby Diaz - SYTYCD 13 Top 4

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When the Bottom 6 dancers were revealed during the live show, a five-minute period for Twitter voting was announced with one vote allowed for stage and for street per Twitter account.

In a change from previous years, the city auditions no longer had a "choreography round," where dancers whom the judges thought might not be able to handle someone else's choreography were taught a routine they then had to perform.

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Judges[ edit ] Series creator and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe returned as a member of the permanent judging panel, along with new permanent members Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo. Once Top Ten were revealed, neither the audience nor judges were allowed to save any contestants.

The judges selected one stage and one street dancer from the remaining four dancers to be eliminated from the competition. Voting via telephone was once again not available.

Once those contestants were saved, the judges were allowed to save one more dancer from each team for the first three eliminations; since the fourth was a double elimination, the Twitter vote was the only save; the judges had no say that week. Previously, the Dancers were selected across all genres and were divided by gender, with ten men and ten women being selected for the Top Twenty.

Contestants were selected based on whether the competitor considered themselves a "Stage" dancer or a "Street" dancer. Format[ edit ] Season 12 featured a significant shift in format in that it was the first season where contestants were not selected based on their gender.

Once the "Top 20" were selected the public voted on their favourite dancers and the three stage and three street dancers with fewest votes were in danger of elimination.

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The mediums through which the public could vote continued from the previous season's methods of online through the So You Think You Can Dance website on fox. Season 12 saw the introduction of the ability for the audience to save one contestant from the stage and street teams from elimination, but only for the first four eliminations.

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Stage styles included ballet, ballroom, contemporary, jazz, latin and tap, while the Street styles included freestyle, break dancing, hip-hop, and krump.

This new format allowed the judges to respond to the strong number of female street dancers, and resulted in the Top Twenty, being eleven female and nine male dancers.

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When ten dancers were left in the competition, dancers were then eliminated purely on the votes from the public.