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While he initially almost offers Frisk friendship, he realizes that he cannot, as he must make his dreams of being in the royal guard a reality, and thus the battle begins.

Throughout Snowdin Forest, Frisk will have numerous encounters with Papyrus and must solve his "ingenious" puzzles in order to continue. Nonetheless, as Frisk progresses through the puzzles and pasta, they gradually begin to build a small friendship with Papyrus, even causing him to not use his only potentially dangerous "puzzle".

Please do not continue if you have yet to play the game and do not want to be spoiled.

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Papyrus reveals that he wishes to capture a human so that he can fulfill his dream of not only becoming a member of the royal guard, but also having friends.

During the game's credits, Papyrus can be seen driving a real race car down a highway on the surface, only to become irked when his brother passes him while on a bicycle.

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Fortunately, the shed is left completely unlocked, and Frisk can simply walk out and confront Asian dating legit, again.

Unfortunately, Chara has no compassion left in their body, and strikes him down where he stands. While Papyrus attempts to convince Undyne that she doesn't have to hurt the child, he eventually realizes she won't change her mind and meekly backs off. If the player chooses to spare Papyrus, there are a few different methods of doing so.

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If the player chooses to kill Papyrus, Sans will not appear again until near the very end of the game. Once Frisk exits frisky flirts with papyrus paper forest and comes to the end of Snowdin Town, they will find Papyrus there waiting for them.

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The spaghetti is frozen solid due to being left out in the freezing cold. Before Frisk leaves, Sans asks the child if they would be kind enough to show themself to his brother, as he's been feeling down recently and seeing a real human might brighten up his day.

Regardless of whether the player chooses to lie or tell the truth, Papyrus will manage to accidentally mess it up, in some way.

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However, he talks about how he believes the child can change, and offers them a hug. Unlike most other enemies, Papyrus does not attempt to actually harm Frisk, and will simply put them in his shed if they lose to him. There is also a microwave with every setting labelled "spaghetti". Papyrus also plays a minor part during the genocide route.

The other way to spare Papyrus is to simply fight him until he grows too tired to continue and elects to grant you "mercy".

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Even with his dying breaths, Papyrus states that he believes they still have some good left in them, and even they can change. Things like these make it evident that Papyrus is not the greatest thinker. Frisk will also find a plate of spaghetti left by Papyrus in an attempt to stop them from progressing.

Instead of taking part in Papyrus' japes, Chara will instead just walk through all of his puzzles without a second thought, much to the skeleton's chagrin.

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Fortunately for Frisk, only one puzzle is even remotely challenging, and Papyrus created it, on accident. The microwave is unplugged.

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Upon reaching the end of Snowdin Town, Papyrus will confront the player, but instead of initiating a friendly battle, he will question their strange and unsettling demeanor. Frisk hides behind a conveniently shaped lamp while Papyrus chastises his brother for not recalibrating his puzzles.

Assuming the player has not killed any monsters up to this point, they can return to Undyne's home and, with the help of Papyrus, become friends. Losing enough times will cause him to simply let them go, as he cannot bring himself to capture them, for good.

Sans promises that his brother isn't dangerous, even if he tries to be, and that he'll "keep an eyesocket out" for Frisk to ensure nothing bad happens to them.

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After this battle, Frisk can return to Papyrus' house and not only see his room complete with race car bed and action figuresbut also either hang out or go on a date, the latter of which only happens if Frisk flirts with Papyrus during the start of the fight. The first of these is to simply lose the battle, several times.

This is Papyrus' last main appearance in the neutral route, but he can be called at any time if the player is feeling up for some conversation.

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As is to be expected, Papyrus is not very good at either of these things, but the experience allows the player to get Papyrus' phone number, which means he can be called and talked to at almost any point throughout the rest of the game.

Later, Frisk will get a phone call from Papyrus who forgot to ask for Frisk's number, so he just dialed every number combination sequentially until he reached theirswho will ask them if they're wearing a certain article of clothing varies depending on what armor the player has equippedas he says Undyne believes she saw them wearing said article of clothing.