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These habitats range from lakes and forests to coastal stretches and mangroves.

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When Brazil gained independence from European rule inthe District Directors were renamed Provincial Presidents. Where the landscape becomes more mountainous inland, the temperatures naturally drop.

The defence ministry said soldiers were being sent in 'due to the serious public safety situation'. A man is left bloody and battered amid the chaos caused by the military police strike Police officers have been blockading police stations in protest against unpaid salaries since Saturday.

Ricardo Espírito Santo

Finally, init was named a province. Students stayed at home and classrooms will remain shuttered 'depending on the security situation'. With officers staging a walk-out over conditions, thugs are running riot, with people running rampant with guns and machetes, shops being robbed, buses set on fire and dead bodies are left lying in the street.

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The acting governor of Espirito Santo state, Cesar Colnago, had earlier begged President Michel Temer 'to send the National Force and the army to safeguard the security of citizens'. Its main river is Doce and its most important lake district lies on the banks of this important waterway.

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State security chief Andre Garcia said the police chief had been replaced and the new commander had been tasked with 'restoring order and discipline'. The Portuguese introduced slavery, bringing labourers to South America from Africa.

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Globo television broadcast cellphone footage of burned and smashed buses, looted shops, carjackings and a crowd running in panic from what appeared to be gunshots. Because of its positioning, this state enjoys many different types of vegetation and habitats, which are home to an array of wildlife.

This is in response to the Catholic religion, introduced by the Europeans during colonisation in the 16th century, which taught the locals Christian doctrines and methods of worship. Scroll down for videos A bus burns violently after it was torched on the street during the chaos in Brazil The Brazilian federal government today ordered troops into the city of Vitoria, north east of Rio de Janeiro, which has been left at the mercy of criminals.

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Vitoria and its suburbs have a population of 1. Because of its extensive coastline, this state is well known for its sand dunes, ports, and beaches. These ones lived off the land and its natural resources.

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It was given this name in reference to the Holy Ghost, believed by some Christian religions to be the third part of a trinity God along with God, himself and His son, Jesus Christ.

Local media said crime rates had quadrupled over the weekend. Talks are to take place with the disgruntled officers but they have been told they have to go back to work first.

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The area was under the political control of the Coutinho family for years. The chaos has been compared to the thriller film The Purge, where people take advantage of the absence of law and order to carry out horrific crimes.