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More pratice to get perfect style: During this training course you will discover new unsuspected muscles and would stun yourself in front of positions which hold with more magic than reason.

Shorts and a vest top is smash brawl 100% completely free dating websites best. There is nothing sexy about this class but it will definitely give you more strength, a better cardio and hot body!

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Kuduro, which translates as "hard ass", began in Luanda, Angola in the late 80s. An aerial and gracefully choreography will enclose this class.

From Beginner to Expert Pole Dancer, we propose 5 different levels of courses; check our time schedule, courses start every week.

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Let us put the music on and show you how you can have fun daring a new sport! Each class last 1: During this class we are going to relax and go for an intense sexy stretching. - Home - Flirty Fitness Luxembourg - Get Fit, Have Fun

Thanks for your understanding. You don't need to have any previous experience in gymnastic or to be particularly reckless to start pole dancing. Masterclass already done Masterclass Valentin's Day: You will be taught on the a brand new X-pole the best quality pole in the market and a "pole O mat" to insure your safety.

For more information call us on or What is Kuduro? It is a sport, a form of performing art and a combination of dancing and gymnastic which will develop step by step your strength, flexibility and endurance. You will learn a series of flirty fitness luxembourg adresse spins, tricks and linking moves, before finishing the course by climbing the pole and going upside down!

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Please book your place before the end of this week because places are limitated and next week we cannot guarantee you a place for the Master class! Jojo invites you to come to dance on a sexy and glamorous choreography prepared specially for you!!!

No one wants to be built like a tank, with this class you will feel refreshed, you will get slender muscles and a slender figure. No level required, no inversion only dancing.

Flirty Fitness - Luxembourg

You will learn to climb to the Pole with some other corps parts, up side down, without any hands. Note that we have 2, and soon a 3rd open level class during the week. Do not forget to join immediately.

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The taster is a one-off pole dance class where you will learn a range of fun basic tricks, spins and some sexy moves! What about a sexy chair dancing for a special night after a romantic dinner with your partner?

Lap dancing Party

Our lessons are made to learn pole dancing step by step from the warm up and basic moves to the cool down. We propose an initiation to the self-defense studied specially for the woman during whom you will learn basic techniques to defuse dangerous situations.

Note that a course last 6 weeks, one lesson a week. Your stamina will be tested severely because the accent will be put on the combination of advanced movements. You don't need to commit anymore for a 6 weeks course. From any age and any size everyone is welcome to give it a try! The name itself is a word with a specific meaning to location in the Kimbundu language, which is native to the northern portion of Angola.

Kuduro or kuduru is a type of music and dance originally born in Angola in the s. Get ready for a hot choreography! With our different level courses, you are going to learn some specific moves!

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Masterclass Self Defense You wish to learn how to protect you from an aggression, how to manage stressant situations and react at the best? Masterclass Bellydance - special Veil Exotism and sensuality are back for this new Bellydance Masterclass.

Important Please do not put any body lotion on before you come or you will slip and could be dangerous. Welcome in a new dimension where the weightlessness does not count any more!

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To the program, besides new techniques and movements, we shall learn to dance with a veil. So who is it for? What should I wear?

Pole Choreography

That is what Jojo is suggesting you. It will also increase your confidence and sex appeal. You will first learn pole dancing in bare feet, but for the last lesson of each course you are going to perform a routine on heels.

We will work mainly on the upper body arms, abs etc. Look at our schedule and see what day your level is taking part. This class addresses at every level, also, no specific knowledge is required.