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Flirty Dirty Emojis offers the version of the standard emoji icons everyone like. Maybe they all do that, but no need to enable more people than my phone's developer access to my texts.

But they are classy and playful. Can't believe how frequently I use the slug ; Really useful emojis! I love using them with my lover.

Flirtmoji : Adult, Dirty Emoji APK

I want my money back. Again, I've loved Flirtmoji for quite a while and I think the keyboard will be so dating god franciscan fun once the issues are fixed!

This app has an awesome set of stickers. No squirting d1cks flirtmoji instagram app dripping pu55ies. We hope our art makes your love life a lot more communicative.

Estimation application downloads and cost

The web app still rocks out with Have more fun now by sharing these beautiful Love Emoji - "InstaEmoji". One of them knows. Where are all the adult emojis? Use this special Adult Smiley Emoji icons to text flirty and naughty messages to your companion. We hope our art makes your love life a lot more communicative.

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Any way to get the de-sanitized flirtmoji in the keyboard that I've already paid for once via the site? Hopefully the prudes at Apple aren't the reason I can't text green cartoon wangs to my friends.

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Flirty Dirty Emoji accessories will also assist you with the variety and diversity of your emoji world. Great for talking about new things without fear or shame!!

No warning, and the cool stuff was gone. This kind of humor is what we all need to lighten up about sex and have the conversations we should always be having about safety, consent, health, and pleasure.

I've been using it since they only had the web app. Then simply go to your messaging application of choice and paste into the text box! I have all of them but with the keyboard I only have the starters. Then go to your messaging application of choice Hangouts, etc and import it!

How do I send Flirtmoji with my Android phone?

I want the old versions back. How do I add Flirtmoji to my home screen on iOS? Looking at the version in the App Store it's made to look like you're getting all the fun emojis but the app version is barely PG They make texting sexier in a lighthearted way.

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Flirty Dirty Emojis and Captions can be suggested by the app according to your personality traits. The characters and items perform preset animated movements so that your sticker page will come to life.

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Really cool idea but Or the decent emojis. Select Love Emoji and send beautiful and new sticker to your life partner, friends, lover, relatives!

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Talk to your friends about sex. At first it would not connect to my keyboard, even though I followed the instructions step by step.

Wish I could get my money back and put on a different app.