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Flirting with disaster lorraine feather i always had a thing, now playing:

You called it love.

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The songs conform abstract thought into song Feather can turn a phrase with the best of them. Feather passionately shows that what we conceal reveals more than what we display. She has perfect diction.

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Lorraine Feather is my new Joni. Mikel Healey Radio promotion: Exposed to a variety of music in her household, such a career almost seemed to be her destiny, though her parents neither pushed nor discouraged her.

Flirting with Disaster

Henry … endlessly entertaining, tight hairpin lyrical turns, and surprising emotional cliffhangers that leave listeners both devastated and rejuvenated.

Gregory Applegate Gapplegate Reviews Her voice is flexible and nuanced; she can whisper, speak rhythmically, hit the high notes pure and clear … whatever is necessary to deliver the lyrics with the most fascinating effect.

And her godmother was none other than Billie Holiday. She could very well be the O. Carol Banks Weber examiner.

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Open to many musical interests, Feather began focusing on jazz in the late '70s, making her debut on an album by pianist Joanne Grauer and recording her first jazz LP for Concord Sweet Lorraine in A pop and fizz worthy of Annie Ross at the height of her vocalese powers Her nimble style does justice to both melody and lyrics.

Her father was Leonard Feather, a jazz pianist, composer, and producer who is best remembered for his journalism — writing reviews and album notes pertaining to jazz.

In the s, Feather became a first-rate jazz singer as a member of the vocal group Full Swing, developing her expressive contralto to capture the essence of every song.

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Her ability to write lyrics to challenging, often obscure instrumentals by Fats Waller and Duke Ellington, while also collaborating with several excellent, currently active songwriters, has impressed many jazz critics.

Michael Shapiro, Gregg Field; guitar: As both a writer and performer, she has it all. Moreover, her voice is lovely and appealing.

About Lorraine Feather

Nicholas Mondello All About Jazz The lyrics are sometimes wonderfully touching, but sometimes harshly realistic. She began regularly contributing lyrics to their repertoire, but her writing career blossomed when she began recording on her own. The album is absolutely impossible to fault.

She executes this high-wire act without a net and lands on her feet every time. Charles Bisharat Cover, graphics and booklet design: Regardless of the melody or the lyrics, the star is Feather.

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Humor is especially her strong suit "Imaginary Guy," "You're Outa Here," "Antarctica," and "Indiana Lana"though her ballads, swing vehicles, and pop songs also merit strong praise. Lorraine Feather continues to grow as a lyricist, vocalist, arranger, performer and human being. Feather has also written extensively for television she has earned seven Emmy nominations and movie soundtracks, including The Jungle Book 2 and Julie Andrews' vocal comeback in The Princess Diaries 2.

The lyrics are evocative and deeply imbued with her edgy trademarks General Jabbo Blinded By Sound Miss Feather proves yet again that her sense of musical adventure and originality is without limit.

Flirting With Disaster • Lorraine Feather • cdtrrracks

Most of the songs include piano, and there are some beautiful contributions from violinist Charlie Bisharat, as well as a very significant one from bass clarinetist Bob Mintzer. Grant Geissman, Eddie Arkin; violin: The instrumentation varies as well.

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Bob Karlovits Tribune-Review 11 impressive songs, each with its own strength and beauty … the ballads on this recording are just stunning. Fred Bouchard Funny, sardonic, wise and occasionally wistful … dangerously thrilling … like love, a wildly unpredictable journey Christopher Loudon Jazz Times erie … beautiful … The entire album feels like a one-woman play.

After finishing school, Feather returned to Manhattan to pursue acting, doing a bit of singing to pay the bills, including cabaret. Her mother was a singer in the big-band era and an ex-roommate of Peggy Lee.