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When it comes to the cat-eye, Lorenzini says that it consists of having elongations at the corners. I had a tiny cry only to have black smudge onto my face.

Super Thick False Eyelashes

The Most Requested Look Is a Cat-Eye And having a super dark lash line, which will ease the minds of ladies everywhere who get annoyed by the thought of applying eyeliner.

Obviously, if you want your look to last longer, you should go in for touch-ups, which are recommended between 2 to 4 weeks. The biggest time commitment these guys take up is when you get them on in the first place—one session can take up to 3 hours.

The bonding agent requires 48 tell about yourself dating to thoroughly dry and create a strong bond.

Remember these are extensions, not mascara so it is important to concentrate on the tips to avoid extensions getting into eyes.


Rated 1 out of 5 Chantal — August 24, The product was so dry it was a mission to get it to stick to the wand. The combination of the two will see them slide off effortlessly.

Designed to your eye shape and preference using our exclusive styles, Amazing Volume is offered in a range of lengths to suit your look, and come in Classic 3D and Glam 6D.

She also notes that the ultimate goal is having a lash look that opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake.

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Bring Pictures Or at least know how you do your makeup and what you want from a look. Longer lashes on the outside corner of your eye will make every wink count.

XXL Extreme Volume + Lash Enhancing Mascara Fusion Beauty

They shed as your lashes shed naturally. Repeating the action allows you to build up length with each brush so you can control how long you want your lashes to look. Classic 3D lashes are perfect for anyone who wants fullness, while still achieving a more natural, wispy, everyday look.

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With that being said, different size eyelash extensions are used throughout, mimicking the fact that your lashes are all different lengths naturally. This style uses longer eyelash extensions at the center of your lash line to make your eyes appear longer.

There were more black clumps falling onto my face than on my lashes.

Beauty Tutorial

Our 1 step formula can give you salon looking extensions, all in 1 easy brush-on step. Our very own 3D ExtendaTubes lengthen lashes by up to mm.

We recommend getting a refill every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain a full thick look. Cute Lashes Big bright eyes can be yours!

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With longer, fuller lashes all over, you will always be red-carpet ready. Technology Number 3 — Our Exclusive ExtendaTube Technology The brush-on formula forms a smudge proof, water resistant tube film around your lash extensions and your pillows of thickened lashes, locking it all in place in a gorgeous black glossy tube that also further increases the length and the thickness of every individual lash.

Gorgeous Lashes This style features longer and thicker eyelash extensions along the entire lash line. This genre of beauty has really taken on a world of its own, with certain requests becoming really popular and beauty products made specifically to work with the lashes.


Ombre, eyebrows, and now eyelashes. How Many Lashes You Get Totally Depends on YOU On average, Jo Mousselli says that about 70 lashes are adding to each individual eye but that can also top over depending on your eye shape, how many lashes you already have, and what you want out of your experience.

They also recommend using a tiny mascara-like wand brush that will help you gently shape your lashes on a regular basis. Yes and no I told him. You Can Request a Curvature, Too Available in four different curvatures, which Lorenzini tells us starts out at a more natural, low curve and grows more dramatic.

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What is catching on more than ever, however, is eyelash extension companies and brands, like Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli, who are making the concept of styling your eyelashes super personal and even slashing the time you spend creating a beauty look in half.

Eyelash Refills To maintain your amazing look you will need regular refills to replace the natural lash loss all people experience.


For example, Lorenzini notes that in Australia, clients generally ask for a flatter, longer look that has less curvature, while in Europe, the curvier styles are more popular.

To maximize the life of your lashes please avoid direct contact with water and steam.

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After Care Your lash stylists will cover your aftercare instructions in detail after your appointment. Got Long Lashes Already?

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Results may vary from person to person.