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Louis XIV had several such rooms built in Paris as well, but only this one was destined to become truly famous. It is now a museum.

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It contains a tennis court, and was built for King Louis XIV in the 17th century, when tennis became fashionable. This oath later became known as the Tennis Court Oath. Entrance is free on Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm to 5. The sharply-cut hunting sequence makes clear that Renoir avoided more complex editing schemes by choice, believing that long takes created a more lifelike rhythm and reduced the manipulations of over-editing.

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It wasn't until that Renoir was able to restore the film to its original length. During the States General Assembly, representing the French estates of the realm inthe most radical group of deputies representing the Third Estate were locked out of a meeting.

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The entrance fee is 8 euros per person. Despite its seeming unimportance, this is where the French Revolution eigenlight 420 dating. It was banned as morally perilous during the German occupation and the original negative was destroyed during WWII.

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Go up the three steps and go inside. You can find an image of this painting on our menu. The weekend ends in a tragedy that suggests that this way of life may soon be coming to an end.

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Rules of the Game uses WWI as an allegory for WWII, and its representation of a vanishing way of life soon became all too true for Renoir himself, who, within a year of the film's release, was forced to leave Europe for the United States.

Among the upper classes, infidelity is not merely accepted but expected; codes are breached not by being unfaithful, but by lacking the courtesy to lie about it in public. He tells his story with long, uninterrupted takes using deep focus cinematographer Jean Bachelet proves a worthy collaborator herefollowing the action with a subtle rhythm that never calls attention to itself.

Also, this was a turning point in the French Revolution, from which time the monarchy was practically incapable of resisting the revolutionary forces. Its genius escaped many viewers at the time, but in retrospect, The Rules of the Game stands as one of Jean Renoir's -- and cinema's -- finest works.

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In retrospect, this reaction seems both puzzling and understandable; at its heart, Rules of the Game is a very moral film about frequently amoral people. They reacted to this strongly. This event was of huge significance in French history, as it was the first time that citizens officially opposed the king and openly failed to obey him.

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Meanwhile, the hired help have their own game of musical beds going on: It has remained popular ever since. Mobile App On your right is a whitewashed wall.

Renoir's witty, acidic screenplay makes none of the characters heroes or villains, and his graceful handling of his cast is well served by his visual style. A year later, Jacques-Louis David, a famous artist of the Revolution, was commissioned to paint this very important event but, unfortunately, the funding ran out and the painting was left unfinished.

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A comedy of manners whose wit only occasionally betrays its more serious intentions, it contrasts the romantic entanglements of rich and poor during a weekend at a country estate. All deputies with an exception of only one person signed the document.

They reassembled here, in this very room, and took a solemn oath not to separate and to reassemble whenever necessary before the constitution was established.