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At the end of Friendship is Magic, part 2she makes a brief appearance with a light brown mane and tail.


Apple Fritter also appears in Over a Barrelwhere she wears a cowboy hat to fit the Western setting. Thielemans' first instrument was the accordion, which he started when he was three.

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She also appears alongside flirter apple rest of her family during Apple Family Reunion. Contents [ show ] Design Apple Fritter has a light yellow coat, a green mane and tail with lighter green highlights, and green eyes.

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Due to her status as a member flirter apple the Apple family, Apple Fritter often is seen performing activities with other members of her family.

In The Last Roundupshe helps set up Applejack's surprise welcome home party and later appears at the Canterlot stadium. He died in Belgium in August at the age of Toots' two-volume Brasil Project was popular in the s and found him smoothly interacting on harmonica with top Brazilian musicians.

Thielemans simply played the harmonica with the dexterity of a saxophonist and even successfully traded off with the likes of Oscar Peterson.

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In fact, beginning in the mid-'50s, he never had a close competitor. Depiction in the series Apple Fritter first appears in Friendship is Magic, part 1 during the Apple family's reunion when they first meet Twilight Sparkleand she is the first to be introduced to Twilight by Applejack.

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Apple Fritter makes a cameo during Magical Mystery Cure in one of Applejack's flashbacks as her cutie mark is being returned to its original. He first recorded his big hit, "Bluesette" which featured his expert whistling and guitar inand was subsequently in great demand particularly for his harmonica and his whistling on pop records including many dates with Quincy Jones and as a jazz soloist.

He toured Europe as a guitarist with the Benny Goodman Sextet inand the following year moved to the U.

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Apple family Cutie mark Apple Fritter is a female Earth pony member of the Apple family who appears throughout the series, often accompanied by other members of the Apple family. She has a light yellow coat and green mane and tail and eyes. She drops a plate with an apple fritter on it on the picnic table for Twilight to eat, and is then followed up by other members of the Apple family.

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Apple Fritter appears in Filli Vanillisometimes with a dark brown mane and tail and a different cutie mark in Trade Ya! Heard on numerous movie soundtracks including Breakfast at Tiffany's and Midnight Cowboy and also on the opening theme of television's Sesame Street, Thielemans received Jazz Master honors from the National Endowment for the Arts in She also appears in Party Pooped.

Although he started playing the harmonica when he was 17, Thielemans' original reputation was made as a guitarist who was influenced by Django Reinhardt.

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DuringToots was a member of the George Shearing Quintet mostly as a guitarist and freelanced for the remainder of his lengthy career in music.