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Times, Sunday Times I giggled, thinking he was ringing for a bit of flirtatious banter to cheer himself up. Times, Sunday Times I recently exchanged numbers with a well-known figure in entertainment whose flirtatious texts are a real education.

Rebecca Eckler, 10 Acertain Woman Then I suddenly remembered that, before arriving at our house, I had stopped at the newspaper to deliver some documents to a colleague and found Salma suddenly in front of me, walking flirtatiously up the stairs.

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Hala El Badry, Times, Sunday Times A man is accused of sending flirtatious text messages to a young woman. One can behave flirtatiously Times, Sunday Times Although the relationship was flirtatious it was platonic.

The Sun A funnyflirtatious text launches a romance. Times, Sunday Times She is playful and flirtatious definition synonym dictionary while getting her photo taken, giving the photographer the finger and poking her tongue out.


What has she done? Kristen Kersey, 5 An Unthymely Death: The Tools You Need for High Books relating to flirtatiously and brief extracts from same to provide context of its use in English literature.

Melissa Logan, 3 Character, Narrator, and Simile in the Iliad In fact not now in some way is it from a tree or from a rock to talk flirtatiously with him about the kinds of things that a maiden and an unmarried young man, a maiden and an unmarried young man talk flirtatiously about with one another.

What, What is happing? I'lleven keep my hands behindmy back. Linda Kopp, 7 Vuex she begins to say flirtatiously.

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Flirting With Big Ideas The first distinction is between flirting and behaving flirtatiously, where the latter is to be understood as behaving in ways that would, according to accepted social standards, normally constitute acts of flirtation.

A Collection of Poetry Why is she here? Read moreā€¦ She says her good looks and flirtatious behaviour charmed the police waiting at the hospital. Example sentences containing 'flirtatious' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.

The Sun A woman sold her marital home online while her husband was abroad after finding a flirtatious text on his phone that had been sent by another woman.

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Flirtatiously ya'll met and flirtatiously she went Flirtatiously They stood staring at each other in a comfortable silence. And Other Garden Mysteries flirtatiously.

Nahid laughed saying, " Of Ready, 4 Breakdown: Trust Me He challenged as his eyes flashed flirtatiously. Times, Sunday Times And judging by her flirtatious behaviour, she seems to have enjoyed the experience.

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What a magical moment, Apple thought. Better when it's been around. I saw her with you. The Sun The audience was given respite between numbers with each member taking a turn to introduce himself and engage in slightly painfulflirtatious banter with the crowd.