Turn Best Stuff First Recommendations off From Tumblr Dashboard Turn Best Stuff First Recommendations off From Tumblr Dashboard

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Removed searches are instantly reflected on all platforms: That should do the trick. Recommended posts related to it should be removed instantly from your dashboard. You should now see a list of followed searches beneath the search bar.

Turning Best Stuff First off

Do let us know in comments. So, you need to do it manually on both Android and iOS. Tap the switch next to Best Stuff First to turn it off.

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Installation and Customization

You should now see a Settings icon. To re-add searches, just search for them again and click Follow. And while we are at it, let's also consider removing In Your Orbit recommendations to get rid of even more clutter off the dashboard.

However, Tumblr tends to periodically recommend top posts from your list of followed searches, which is the last thing you want on an uncluttered dashboard.

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Previously known as tracked tagsfollowed searches are quite useful since they serve as a quick shortcut to your favorite searches. Tap General Settings and select Dashboard Preferences. But, things can get hectic at times due to the massive amount of posts that show up.

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Tap on a followed search tag that you want removed. Now, tap the gear-shaped Settings icon. If you want to re-add a previously-removed search, simply search for it via the search bar and then tap Follow. Open the Tumblr app and tap the Account icon.

Simply click on the search bar, and you should see a list of followed searches appear within a cascading menu. However, turning them off on one platform doesn't automatically make the changes sync across to the other.

Click the followed search that you want to remove and then click Unfollow from within the search bar. Disabling Best Stuff First and In Your Orbit recommendations, along with removing unwanted followed searches, should go a long way in making that happen.

Repeat the same for any other followed searches that you want removed. Tap Unfollow within the search bar to remove the followed search. Tap the Back icon repeatedly until you get to the Tumblr dashboard.

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You can also swipe left to display any additional searches that you may have followed. Android, iOS, and Web. Tap the Search icon. You can now go back to a much cleaner dashboard.

Change the Look of the Tumblr Dashboard

If you hate In Your Orbit recommendations, you can turn that off right from here as well. Tap the slider next to Best Stuff First to turn it off.

Finally, kudos to Tumblr for giving us the options to remove these annoyances easily. Tap it and select General Settings from the drop-down menu.