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Keep communicating like you did during the early stages. I would need to save up a bit more money to make it happen, though. They make boring days exciting and remind our partners how special and dear they are to us.

Seek compromises and seek to end a fight ASAP. What matters is not whether you fight — what matters is how you end the fight. To make sure there is never a dull moment, join Beauty and Tips as we take a look at how to keep romance alive with bae.

Link to this page: Your approach and attitude towards the relationship has changed.

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After flirting with each other for months, Dan and Mary are finally going on a date. Eventually, though, all the excitement calms down. Remember to hug, cuddle and kiss often.

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When we first start dating someone, there is a huge excitement. Now that everything has become routine, the only future you think about is what to have for dinner tonight.

We get giddy at the prospect of learning everything about the new man in our life. Make Date Night Happen Why does date night rarely happen anymore?

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Are you flirting with me? To come very close to some outcome or result, often though not always a very bad one.

The romance can die in any relationship if we let it. Remember when you were first dating? Then do something new together!

Mom mode can kill a relationship and the romance. But when was the last time you got your partner a surprise?

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How did that happen?! Instead, the two of you can grapple for a bit, before reaching an amicable conclusion that satisfies both of you.

Do you feel as though the romance is dead? We were just so tired! Agree between the two of you that no matter what happens during the day, date night WILL happen.

Flirt with (someone or something)

Touch Each Other Lastly, a simple, yet very useful tip on how to keep romance alive: This is another great tip on how to keep romance alive. Send photos and videos that document your day. Be prepared to lose the fight. Send cute messages from work.

I've been flirting with the idea of moving to Europe lately. Tell a friend about usadd a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content.

Perhaps you pictured the two of you living together, getting married, having kids — the works. If you both constantly aim for the knockout blow, romance will quickly fade.

I think Stacy's boyfriend was flirting with me at the bar.

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The CEO has been flirting with disaster with her off-the-cuff comments to the press lately. Do Something New Together Is life getting boring and stale?

To interact with someone in a way that shows romantic or sexual interest. Switch back to girlfriend mode ASAP. But during the early days, you made the effort to stay in touch with bae.

But how do you keep the flames of love flickering when things get boring? We all make mistakes, including you.

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Communication is, after all, the bedrock of all healthy relationships. We gave that up after the yawning contest we participated in during our last one.

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He texted you naughty things while you were at work and you responded in kind. Should I tell her?

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All relationships follow a natural course from initial feverish excitement to bland routine. So, why did you stop? Life was always in the way. Each date is different, we never know what to expect, and there always seems to be a milestone to complete — from first kiss to moving in together.

Surprises are a great and super easy way to do it. The up-and-coming golf pro has flirted with success over the past few years, but he's yet to manage a major tour victory.

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Forgive Quickly You know what can easily kill romance dead? Start plotting an amazing future together again. Everyone knows that married men aren't supposed to flirt with anyone. However, when a relationship is clearly worth fighting for, we make sure to keep things fresh and exciting.

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