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Hats, shoes, hair and fur were all quite important in the wardrobe. Stoles multiplied and flourished, in every fabric for every occasion: Crepe-soled suede shoes and a light-weight cap or a hat matching the color of the jacket completed the picture.

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High waist, low waist, natural waist, no waist: This style had not changed much from the year before; sapphire blues and emerald greens were still the most common colors. The once utilitarian raincoat came into flirt magazine 1950s pictures own as a fashionable garment.

Board of Education decision on the desegregation of schools prompted a 5-issue series on segregation in America that highlighted both sides of the issue, ending with a poignant plea to end segregation on Biblical grounds authored by a young Billy Graham.

The Asian look, which had been so important inbecame even more popular in Advertisement Fashion in What kind of clothes did people wear in ? Each line called for a different type of corsetting, a different figure, a different posture, a different personality.

The biggest bombshell ofhowever, burst just four months before the year ended when Paris, led by Christian Dior, ushered in the shift. In keeping with the Asian theme, Indian saris and Persian brocades were sold by the thousands.

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Chanel was still wildly popular. There were flavors of the s thrown in, but it was done in a subtle, contemporary style.

All shades of red were popular, as well as emerald green, deep yellows and sapphire blues.

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Thistledown was stressed in woollens and tweeds. Tops were soft and skirts fell smoothly to a tapered hem. The atomic bomb placed America at the forefront of scientific advancement. Coats also followed the chemise or trapeze shape, with wide collars and buttoned front.

The shoulders were wide and sloping and the pockets were cut straight or slightly on dapper on the pull online dating slant.

Hats were reduced to head size, with Bretons, berets, cloches, flirt magazine 1950s pictures slouch hats very popular. Around the same time Dior reintroduced the hobble-skirt.

But women still loved to get dressed up! The most typical and universal accessory was the stole, which was work with suits, dresses and evening clothes.

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Hemlines, waistlines and hairlines all grew shorter. While fashion houses were still very much focused on couture, the everyday wardrobe held an important place in the fashion world.

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Necklines took on sweeping angles, creating a dramatic geometric balance around the shoulders and throat. The two main camps continued to be led by Dior and Balenciaga.

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Skirt lengths dropped an inch or maybe two, till 11 inches from the ground was the pronounced length; but here again women suited themselves and slightly varying lengths were seen, permissibly. While fox, lynx and black-dyed mink were hot items, Chinchilla established itself as the preferred luxury fur in Trousers were quite narrow.

Irish linen and silk were easily the two most desirable fabrics in While many hated the loose fitting sack dresses, designers scrambled to come up with a replacement. Coats narrowed from the sheltering tents of earlier seasons. LIFE Magazine ran multi-issue features on the nature of the universe, the origins of man, the growth of civilization, and even new advancements in medicine.

In the matter of fabrics, there were many developments to celebrate. Tunics were very popular, making their presence felt in collections ranging from Charles James to Givenchy.

The young and beautiful wore them rejoicing, bandaging their heads with jersey, satin or velvet in lines which extended the shape of the head at the back. The Garbo look was briefly expressed by the use of blonde fabrics, long-haired furs, loose-sashed jackets, polo coats and deep swagger hats.

Blouses became so important that they emerged from under the shelter of suits and functioned on their own, linked with their skirts by beautiful belts. White carried off special honors: Skirt lengths aroused world-wide controversy in the media.

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By the end of the wide leather belt had returned to fashion. Those less favored in features consoled themselves with little flat top-of-the-head pancakes or modified pill-boxes, or big-brimmed summer straws: The bosom line was high and round, the hipline often carried accents, such as sashes.

Because of the heavy Asian influence, fashion in is easily distinguished by its wide variety of unexpected colors. Women loved mink and sable edged evening coats in The slub weaves were supreme: For the last couple years women had been wearing simpler designs, but in they wanted something a little more classic, more personal and more formal.

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The best news about the new fashion for many men who bemoaned the disappearance of the female waistline was that it meant higher hemline. The cloche hat, hidden waistline and pleated skirt were prevalent in fashions.

An evening gown by Griffe Paris would be in shell pink chiffon with a harem skirt that flows straight from high draped bust.

High fashion had not quite adopted the so-called miracle fabrics, but everyday people loved to wear Orlon sweaters. The semi-fitted suit with a narrow jacket very slightly indented at the waist and the form-fitting sheath dress were introduced.

Longer necklines and colored beads made costume jewelry heavier and more noticeable than it had been for several years. The fashionable double-breasted lounge suit had the jacket in button-2, show-3 style, with fairly long collar and lapels.

What were the most popular colors in fashion in ?

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Sweaters softened too, as did skirts — the latter via a sash or fringe or other dressmaker detailing. In colors the chief basic shade was grey, especially in its darker reaches; all the sherry colors from pale to dark; the butter colors, the blonds. Bathing suits were either seductively molded to the figure or made like little girl rompers.

Designers also made an effort to widen the shoulder without padding.

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Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, both featured on LIFE Magazine covers throughout the decade, illustrate the two faces of sex appeal during the s — the free, sensual bombshell and the demure, classic beauty. Very bare shoes with jeweled heels, toes or instep bands were a colorful addition to evening clothes.

LIFE photographers were and are respected as some of the best photojournalists in history.