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All this translates to a more touring-friendly ride than the ST could provide. For this reason, the Laboratorio di tecnologie audiovisive online dating supports every brake maneuver as standard with dual-channel ABS — the most sophisticated system in a mid-range motorcycle.

The water-cooled 2-cylinder in-line engine with a capacity of cc offers remarkable dynamic performance on every trip, achieving smooth power delivery through its low-maintenance toothed-belt drive.

BMW F800GT review

Not so with the new GT. Its lower portion not only provides better protection, but its grown-up chin also presents a more adult countenance than did the ST. Equipment 4 out of 5 Must have: Our shipping charges are based on the weight of the consignment and our standard delivery method by DPD next day within the UK or Royal Mail Airmail country dependant for international customers.

Listening to customer criticisms and concerns has resulted in an interesting approach to offering the FGT in North America. One can easily have two-lane touring fun one day, and then make up time on the interstate the next.

BMW F GT Price, Spec, Reviews & Promo for August

Couldn't recommend them enough, they are polite, helpful and very much there to aid you in your purchase, didn't feel they were 'pushy' at all.

But there are perks to the options. A whole host of accessories is, of course, available. Probably would have been a collision without it. If you purchased the product from one of our dealers, please contact them to process the return.

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So no matter what your style, there's sure to be a application to match. The rubber-mounted handlebar reduces vibration and is set slightly closer to a rider and 0.

Hand wheel spring preload, brake fluid reservoir New selector switch generation New footrests and footrest position Tapered, decoupled aluminium handlebar New body including windshield, wheels, instrument dials and smoked grey indicators ESA modes: A longer rear-wheel swinging arm and tighter suspension ensure a high level of ride stability, guaranteeing superb riding impressions.

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The optional ESA fine-tunes only the rear suspension — and even then, just its rebound damping. All told, the FGT occupies a particular place in the sport-touring segment.

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The F GT also offers control and comfort with suspension and three different seat heights which provide just the right ergonomics for each individual rider. Please have your delivery note or invoice number to hand when getting in touch.

Please note your goods may be subject to import duties and taxes which will be levied when the order reaches the delivery address. A twist of the throttle and 90 horsepowers ensure that you really can leave everyday routine behind you.

Ordering from abroad and Import Duties You can make an overseas order on our website. You will then be given all the details you need to make the return as quick and efficient as possible.

2013 BMW F800GT Review

Bought bike from dealer, no issues. Dash looks nice, all the levers and pedals are well set up and nice to use. Nice to have but definitely not essential: The water-cooled 2-cylinder in-line engine with a capacity of cc offers remarkable dynamic performance on every trip, achieving supreme power delivery through its low-maintenance toothed-belt drive.

The swingarm looks the same but is two inches longer than before, resulting in increased stability and a smoother ride. Alternatively if you cannot phone us during our working hours, please send an email to info rg-racing.

BMW Grand Touring FGT ( On) • For Sale • Price Guide • The Bike Market

Plenty of room for rider and pillion. Utilising aerospace-grade materials such as stainless steel, carbon fibre and titanium in their construction, Scorpion exhausts evoke both passion and performance, drawing from over 20 years at the top of motorsport tuning and racing successes.

Unstoppable tour… Hit the road — the journey begins. Speaking of two-up, thanks to the longer swingarm and redesigned rear frame, the GT boasts a pound payload rating improvement over the ST.

The fun yet frugal BMW F800GT proves the ideal companion for a trip to the Norwegian fjords

Not so obvious is that the aforementioned stripped GT, with its ballyhooed base-model MSRP of under 12 grand, can be had only through special order. For further information please contact your local customs office before placing your order. The bike is relaxed cruising on the motorway with all the weight, but cc isn't quite enough to pull fast.

This involves more than simply fielding complaints; the ability to take criticism and incorporate suggestions into its product is what separates the icons from the also-rans.

BMW FGT review - Telegraph

Instead, dealerships in North America will receive shipments of the GT outfitted with accessory packages in line with what the majority of its customers desire, according to BMW.

The F GT also makes its mark in terms of paint finishes: Its experience in high-level motorsport, BSB British SuperBikesamongst many others allows it to develop high-quality, durable and performance-enhancing products.

To minimize vibration, it utilizes an even firing sequence, i. Hit the road and the journey begins.

The Everyman's Sport-Tourer

And available in the following material finishes: What is more, the optionally available ESA Electronic Suspension Adjustment can be used to adjust the rear rebound-stage damping to road conditions at the press of a button.

It's a very comfortable bike for the most part, but while touring your bum might hurt a bit after a couple hours at least mine does and so did my pillion's. Safety is the best travel companion. How does the GT differ from its predecessor?

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You are responsible for payment of any such import duties and taxes. Anywhere upwads of 85ish the bike is relaxed and always very stable thanks to the long wheelbase. The new, dynamically designed F GT offers impressive performance on every tour — whether idyllic avenues, windiing Alpine passes or endless highways.

Plenty of low down torque with an almost flast torque curve, with 90bhp at the top end. The full fairing is the most obvious upgrade. Surprisingly when riding fast it actually likes to rev and becomes a bit more lively in the top end than the bottom end.