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Exo d o and girls day sojin dating. Sojin and do's dating rumors back to square one? ~ netizen buzz

[KPKD] Dating rumors of EXO D.O and Girl's Day Sojin

Everyone knows that this was at the shooting of 'Innocence' and that it's Kim So Hyun beside him. O's relationship on popular Korean portal websites such as Pann and Instiz. Embarrased, I pulled my knees close khepri burns dating sim my chest and buried my head in it.

They're some mobsters, I swear. I felt pissed when I heard thst during the 4th Gaon Awards Red Carpet, fans were spurting out curse words and abusing the member's of Girls Day as they posed for the pictures and remained calm.

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I met eyes with him; a boy that's eyes were as wide as saucers and lips that formed a hear-shaped smile when he was in a happy mood. Segye Ilbo via Nate 1.

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I read the comments as I scrolled down through the touch of my finger on the smartphone beaming light and through the dark, I progressed them in my head.

In addition, Sojin also previously mentioned that her first love lives in Gwangjingu, which is also where EXO's dorm was said to be located. Retorting to the statements put forward by the admirers of DO and Sojin, the social media user said, "Many of you are saying that this picture is of D.

Girl’s Day’s Sojin Makes Instagram Account Private after Being Verbally Abused by EXO Fans

What I've heard within this rumor was that Sojin and Kyungsoo, mostly Sojin, was getting verbally abused for the endless evidence that continued to resurface as the topic got heated.

He's so short and his body looks like some elementary school kid's.

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The man was said to be wearing similar shorts and shoes that D. O and Girls' Day's Sojin. The photos of the Kpop stars have been uploaded on micro-blogging website Pann under the title: Beginning in January, Korean netizens have published accounts of Sojin and D.

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No one cares if you're dating but she seems to clearly be enjoying the attention. Sojin looked shaken, Yura looked nervous and Minah, even though she smiled, I knew inside she felt like frowning at the remarks they were receiving.

With this photo coming back to light, EXO fans have been leaving harsh comments on Sojin's Instagram, mentioning things like her age and that she is too old to be with D. O, his manager, Kim Sohyun and other people came to drink at the Cafe please don't make up rumors.

You don't need to make things up we all know they're dating.

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Sep 8, This piece of news has not been confirmed as yet. Although their companies have yet to confirmed or deny the rumor, I'm going to at least make a short story before that moment begins. Even DO is under Sojin's spell Got the group from 0 to fame through Hyeri's shocking age gap with Tony, eagerly agreed to Minah's dating scandal, and now Sojin EXO introduce trendy activities in Korea in new 'Have you ever?

After all this is just a rumor and I felt hesitant about this fanfic but these are my actions and choices and I chose to do this. Girl's Day's fans fought back, leading to quite a bit of arguments going on on her Instagram page.

Here are some of the messages posted by the followers of Kpop Stars via Koreaboo: Pulling him closer, I whispered softly, "Nothing that we can fix now" Foreword Honestly, I saw the hate that this couple was getting, but more than hundreds support them even though they are rumoured to be a couple.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

It is speculated that this is what caused Sojin to private her Instagram. Even though they seemed calmed, nothing but that feeling of knowing they weren't, hit me like a jab on the jaw. You're worse than me.

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Since Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and EXO's Baekhyun were revealed to be dating and sharing relationship messages on Instagram, netizens have been scavenging personal Instagram for hints of more idols in relationships.

It's like they can never be quiet about it But before I looked down, his eyes scanned my face; red and swollen. O and Sohyun at the filiming of 'Innocence' but the picture was taken in Goheung, the same location as the fishing incident.