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Essence recommend using any Essence nail polish with the gel base and top coat, so I used their Essence Colour To Go to test it out.

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Its water-based ingredients are odorless, biodegradable and vegan. Their polishes are unique as they are formulated for extra high-shine.

A few of their shades can still be found on Amazon.

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Each time I applied a shade essence nail polish uk dating Joanne's nails, she would say "Ooh this is my favourite" and after the first four, I knew it was going to essence nail polish uk dating the running theme!

After about an hour I find this goes. According to their website list, all of their nail lacquers are vegan as well! Orly Orly is a wonderful cruelty-free brand with several nostalgic LA-themed collections.

Doctor and nurse dating online also sell false nails, polish remover and some nail art stuff.

I then pushed back my cuticles before wiping a dash of the Essence Gel Nails at Home Cleanser over each nail to thoroughly clean the service.

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Prestige Cosmetics Prestige Cosmetics is an Italian-founded beauty brand. They offer tons of fun colors and the formula is durable. I will update this post when I find or remember the ones I forgot to add! As a student who is forced to budget I always try to find polishes at a good price.

Sugarloom Cosmetics Sugarloom Cosmetics is a cruelty-free nail polish brand that takes its inspiration from nature. Which is your favourite shade here?

Vegan-friendly products are marked as such on their website.

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Posted on August 1, Hello, I am having a super boring night in bed had some minor things done at the doctors today so have taken a lazy day and been in bed since late afternoon feeling sorry for myself. I found the latter worked best for me and made the process slightly quicker or it felt like itbut it is a bit of a pain to have to cure each nail separately and means your manicure requires your full attention; no reading blogs at the same time!

Their shades do contain guanine, which can be an animal-derived ingredient. Bigger shopping centres also often have these small make up parlours where great nail polish deals are to be found so make sure to stop at these when you are bargain hunting ; Another easy way to obtain bargains is online shopping.

Their polishes are available at Ulta and drugstores, and everything is super affordable. Gabriel Cosmetics Gabriel Cosmetics is a natural luxury cosmetics brand available in stores like Whole Foods as well as online.

I had practically no chips, just a slight ware around the edges, and the colour reminded vibrant with only slight fading.

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Furless Cosmetics Known for their vegan and cruelty-free brushes, Furless Cosmetics also makes their own nail polishes! I used a cotton pad and cuticle stick from my own make-up stash the cotton pad for wiping on the cleanser and the cuticle stick to neaten up my nails and remove any gel from the side of the nail.

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Their modern collections have an array of vibrant thematic colors. Some of their shades may contain animal-derived ingredients like carmine. Their aesthetic is so fun! This is pretty fiddly as the light in the lamp only stays on for 6 seconds.

Kester Black Kester Black is a unique beauty and body care brand from Australia.

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Best time to shop in Boots is however when they have the 3 for 2 deal on ; Boots also does Advantage Card that you can use to collect points and more points means more money to spend on nail polish! Cruelty-Free Drugstore Brands There are also tons of wonderful affordable cruelty-free brands available at Ulta, Target, Walmart and drugstores.

The formula is not vegan as it contains hydrolyzed silk.

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Their nail polishes are available at Ulta, Target, Walmart and online. In addition, their polishes are vegan! They come in a variety of fun shades and are very affordable.

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Stylush Stylush is a cruelty-free eco- and health-conscious nail lacquer brand with several unique color collections. Habit Habit is the only nail polish in the US that uses Myrrh, an extract that naturally strengthens nails!

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Some of my favourite places to buy bargain polishes in store are: I also like to wash my hands after as the service does feel slightly tacky even after cleansing. My favourite online shops for bargains are: Their polishes are available at Sephora, Nordstrom and other department stores.

I think their packaging is really cute! Each of the shades applied smoothly and evenly and while we didn't apply the topcoat for the photos as we were short on time, you can see that each shade has a high shine finish as it is.

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They are committed to environmental sustainability and supporting local charities. And with the sheer number of shades available, I'll be changing my nail colour every few days as it is, so being able to remove it with normal nail polish remover suits me just grand.

Seche Vite Available at Ulta, drugstores and online, Seche Vite is the best cruelty-free top coat on the market! Kokie Kokie is an exciting new cruelty-free brand available at Walmart. They even collaborate with designers for Fashion Week runway presentations. Their products are available at Target, Walmart and a number of drugstores, as well as online.

Despite doing this, I felt the base was still quite sticky before applying my colour.