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He specifically includes the Arian view as a later development and not the original apostolic faith! He was deeply concerned about what he perceived as the arrogance and provincialism of modern Western culture.

Approach to religion

In the West, Tertullian d. Second, unlike the "mystical theology" of the Orthodox tradition, theology in the West smart guys intimidating women been separated from spirituality since the thirteenth century.

The concept of the numinous continues to be theorized about and applied in contemporary academic research in religious studies and utilized as part of a framework for understanding religion in university courses on world religions and other topics in the academic study of religion.

What was Christ's relationship to God? Most is organized by the authors' names; a small amount of occasional correspondence is arranged chronologically. Fifth, the exclusively masculine imagery of trinitarian doctrine hinders full recovery of the trinitarian insight into the essential relatedness of God.

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Largely because of the theology of Arius, who about denied that Christ was fully divine, the Council of Nicaea taught that Christ is homoousios of the same substance with God. Trinitarian Source views Logos Christology as influence by Greek paganism and an intermediate bridge between apostolic teaching and Arianism.

Godhood originates with the Father, emanates toward the Son, and passes into the Holy Spirit who is the bridge to the world. By the close of the fourth century the orthodox teaching was in place: These books include Autobiography.

InEliade, along with the leaders of the Legionary movement, was imprisoned by the government of King Carol II for several months. First, some theologians have revised analogies of the "immanent" Trinity according to contemporary philosophy for example, process metaphysicslinguistics, or interpersonal psychology.

The Greek approach tends toward subordinationism though hardly of an ontological kind or, in some versions, to tritheism since in Greek theology each divine person fully possesses the divine substance.

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University of Chicago Press, Personal use only; commercial use is strictly prohibited. Questions of Christology and soteriology salvation occupied theologians of the early patristic period.

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Greek theology following the New Testament and early Christian creeds retains the "monarchy" of the Father who as sole principle of divinity imparts Godhood to Son and Spirit.

The doctrine of the Trinity is the summary of Christian faith in God, who out of love creates humanity for union with God, who through Jesus Christ redeems the world, and in the power of the Holy Spirit transforms and divinizes 2 Cor. Although he had numerous followers, his approach to religion, myth, and symbol remains controversial.

Technical terms, theological theories, and official conciliar statements function together as a "set of controls" over the correct way to conceive both of God's self-relatedness as Father, Son, and Spirit, and God's relatedness to creation as Father, Son, and Spirit.

Today, especially in Rumania and Germany, he is known primarily as a writer of fiction; and his popularity continues to grow as more and more of his works appear in translation.

A History of Religious Ideas marked something of a departure from his previous theoretical work. At the close of the patristic period John of Damascus d.

By the end of the fourth century, and owing mainly to the challenge posed by various heresies, theologians went beyond the immediate testimony of the Bible and also beyond liturgical and creedal expressions of trinitarian faith to the ontological trinity of coequal persons "within" God.

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Now online students can benefit from this marvelous resource of authoritative articles written by renowned scholars from around the globe. While the differences between homo reliosus and non-religious people of the modern West are clear, Eliade argued that non-religion can be likened to the biblical "fall" of man.

Christ is sent by God and the Spirit is sent by Christ so that all may be returned to God. Eliade's theoretical work in the history of religions can thus be said to embrace even his own literary creations, so that the two together form a single oeuvre consistent with his visions of a "new humanism" in modern times.

Trinitarian theology is par excellence the theology of relationship. Jung cites the concept of the numinous extensively with regard to his theories on the breakthrough of unconscious material into conscious awareness.

In the modern framework "person" means "individual center of consciousness.

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The language of the Bible, of early Christian creeds, and of Greek and Latin theology prior to the fourth century is "economic" oikonomia, divine management of earthly affairs.

The doctrine of the Trinity is the product of reflection on the events of redemptive history, especially the Incarnation and the sending of the Spirit. In the decade after the war Eliade lived in Pariswhere he established his international reputation as a historian, morphologist, and phenomenologist of religion.

Critics charge that Eliade hid his past in which he was a sympathizer, participant, and defender of right-wing, antidemocratic, intolerant, xenophobic, violent Romanian fascism and anti-Semitism.

Interested in Indian philosophy and wanting to learn Sanskrit, Eliade wrote to a wealthy Indian maharajah and requested six months of funding so that he might study with the scholar Surendranath Dasgupta.

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The first edition of the Encyclopedia of Religionedited by Mircea Eliade, was widely regarded as the standard reference work for the study of religion.

Mac Linscott Ricketts studied with Eliade and translated many of his books into English. The ability to search the full text of these volumes by keyword makes available a whole new realm of religion research.

In Meister Eckhart was condemned for asserting the eternity of the world. From these lists you can take each of the entries, open the Regent Library catalog to see if they are available in the Library, and request books or articles through the Regent InterLibrary Loan system if they are not.

Encyclopedia of Religion

The papers include correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, publications, audio and video recordings, and personal materials and artifacts. Here is a way to find out what are good books on your topic because these bibliographies are contributed by experts in the field. Even worse for Jw's who use this article in The Encyclopedia of Religion, is that the "Logos-Theology" was connected with Greek Philosophy and is seen as an intermediate stage of development between the original apostolic view of God and the full subordinationism Jesus is a creature of the Arians in AD!

Fifth, since the nature of God is to love, and love naturally seeks an object, it might appear that God "needs" the world as a partner in love.

In he entered the University of Bucharest, where he pursued the study of Renaissance philosophy.