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The Violin Torrents

The best site in terms of style is His Dark Materials: Another Week, Another Oscar Showdown December 7th, It's a great time of year for fans of limited releases as it feels like every week there's a least a couple award-worthy films coming out.

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Share via Email Strikingly shot in black and white, this feature debut by Mexican Francisco Vargas has won a number of festival awards and certainly stays in the memory longer than most. This week the one-two punch comes from Atonement and Juno. It begins with a grisly torture scene shot from floor level, suggesting a South American Saw, but soon reveals itself as a very different kind of film - majestically slow at times, but increasingly suspenseful in its evocation of the eternal struggle of an indigenous population against military thugs.

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War Zone and more! New Movie Announcements, Stars and Directors - December 4, December 4th, This week another number of upcoming movies, new stars and directors have been added to our archive!

El Violin is rugged and dogged and a touch laborious at times, but it embodies a timeless struggle and is apparently based on a true story there were no extras with my copy.

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Gerardo Taracena, one of Mel Gibson's Mayans in Apocalypto, begins as the central figure in the guerrillas, but the story is increasingly dominated by a duel of wits between his elderly father, a one-armed volinist, and the captain in charge of the troops who are occupying the family's village, a man with an ear for the old man's music who fancies himself a potential player.

If you combined those two, you would have a great site.

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Movie Website Reviews for Weekend of December 7, December 8th, Another slow week for websites with more movies lacking real official sites than having sites that are award contenders. Combining the two movie might produce different results.

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No time or place is mentioned, though the debutant director also writer-producer may well have Mexico's s peasant revolts in mind.

There are also a few other films that are worthy of attention, but sadly there are a lot of misses on this week's list as well. The venerable violinist, Angel Tavira, is a career musician in his 80s with a wonderfully weathered face, much dwelt on as a figure of immense dignity and stoicism as well as considerable craftiness.

Quartet of Oscar Contenders top the Per Theater Chart December 12th, While many obvious Oscar bait films have failed to connect with critics or moviegoers this fall, Juno came practically out of nowhere to become a top contender.