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Effron dating franco, latest news

So the dating rumors of the couple can be easily removed out of the scenario. It can thus be said for sure that none of the pair is actually gay or a homosexual.

We can just see James sitting behind his keyboard with his usual Cheshire cat grin as he's doctoring the "screenshot. He's been seen making out with Michelle Rodriguez and reportedly had a sleepover at her house earlier this week.

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I'm so happy for you!!! In one photo, the two are giggling it up at a sporting event, and in another they are caught in a warm embrace. Shirtless Franco found grabbing Zac Effron.

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Franco too is known for his relationship with girls and has never been known to have been involved in a homosexual affair. He recently created a fake Tinder account under the name Djengus Roundstone and took a hilarious cruise with Conan O'Brien.

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This incident went on to become of the highlights of the wards, thus leading to speculations that the couple was actually dating each other and were involved in a intimate homosexual relationship and even that they were about to get married.

He's such a prankster, and it seems no one is safe when it comes to his jokes — not even his own brother.

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In April, he caught some heat for attempting to pick up a year-old girl on the social media site, but many later believed it to be a publicity stunt for his movie Palo Altowhich is about a soccer coach having an affair with an underage girl and premiered around the same time.

As for Efron, this is the second bit of dating speculation to swirl about the internet lately. Dave and Zac certainly would make a dreamy couple. They acted together in the comedy named Neighbors and this crotch grabbing scene was a depiction of one of the scenes of the hit comedy.

Though it looks as if this tidbit of gossip is a hoax, James got one thing right: Tweet Pin Oh, that James Franco! Elder brother James also went on to repost a fan made photo shopped news article and added fuel to the fire, thus making the entirety of the situation a humorous one.

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This led to the addition of further fuel to the fire, making fans ponder, are they actually dating? Franco also stirred up some controversy in May when he posted a bevy of nude selfies and explained on The Late Show that he was showing skin because "it's what the people want.

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However this deal about the relationship issues about the pair is a humorous affair that reinforces the scene of Neighbors. He took to Instagram and went on to congratulate the pair on their dating.