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My tonsillectomy surgery was smoothly She was extremely helpful during my surgery and the two week recovery period and was very patient and helpful in suggesting remedies as I was struggling to cope post surgery.

In addition, different types of cosmetic procedures like Breast Implant, Rhinoplasty, Facelift and Liposuction in Bangalore are being offered by some of the best skin doctors in Bangalore to help you look younger.

I will highly recommend Dr. The online dating in Bangalore portal has been a huge hit and amongst all sites we have been voted the best. Read More mohanty my wife had some fixity of bones in ear, replaced it with an implant, now she can hear clearly. Janet Alexander Castelino practices at Cosderma Clinic and has vast experience in clinical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, surgery and lasers in dermatology.

Top ENT Specialist in Bangalore

She genuinely told me that I don't need any surgery and prescribed some medicines for a few months. Happy to see a doctor like you, and yes I will visit you again, even when I am recovered, to say you thank you: Your treatment your relation with patients are too good.

She has keen interest in treating cases of snoring, sinus surgery and performing neck surgeries. My 7 year old son was diagnosed with enlarged Adenoid and Tonsils in Hyderabad. Sachith Abraham is one of the most reputed dermatologist in Bangalore with several years of experience in medical and aesthetic dermatology.

So off I went to a homeopath. Nischal is one of the best dermatologist in Bangalore who is also a teacher, clinician and aesthetician.

Best Dermatologist in Bangalore

She is well qualified in lasers, cosmetic dermatology, hair loss treatment and hair transplant. During the follow up visit, she handled the nose-plug removal so gently that I hardly felt any pain. I trusted her and got the surgery Septoplastybilaterla fess and laser turbinoplasty done the same week.

Has treated several cases of pediatric ear disorders. Some of the services by the doctor are: Really need to say that she is THE best doctor I have met. What a caring doctor!

Has performed countless successful surgeries for ear drum repair. I would definitely recommend him to everyone Though it provides relief fast and for shorter period, it has severe adverse effects such addicting ourselves to this and even heard it increases the blood pressure, not sure but pretty scary.

Rasya Dixit, a well-known dermatologists in Bangalore is a director of Dr. Divya Sharma is one of the best skin specialists in Bangalore and practices at Dr. I am grateful for the experience as my chronic throat infections has completely stopped post surgery.

But for professional reason we need to shift bangalore where his situation get more problematic with continous on and off fever and sleep disturbance due to blockage.

He also trains dermatologist in Aesthetic training. Shashidhar T is a renowned dermatosurgeon and skin specialist in Bangalore who is knowledgeable about existing technologies and surgical procedures dealing with cosmetic and hair services.

Specializes in performing rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgeries of nose. Anita for last six years and she has been my first choice for any ENT challenges. I underwent a surgical procedure during and the results made me to believe that I lost the most precious sense of identifying the aroma.

I actually had to count myself the number of times I was breathing easily, more importantly freely.

20 Best Skin Specialist in Bangalore – Find Dermatologist in Bangalore | ClinicSpots

It may sound ironic that my wife is a doctor, and she was persisting since a long time to get operated. Also most of the medicines she prescribed were without side effects.

A month and half back when I went to see Dr Anita, I was staring at uncertainty and fearing the worse about a severe and painful inflammation around my lymph node. S C Rajendran is a Dermatologist and skin specialist in Bangalore and has many years of experience in these fields.

Read More srikant had lot of nose blockage n allergy for 10yrs. L and Bangalore Dermatological Society. Her dedication led her to complete a fellowship in cosmetic dermatology. Banka made me feel comfortable with his procedures and took enough care and time to get it out smoothly.

I underwent a surgical procedure during and the resu Anita has this in abundance. As the fastest growing online dating site that delivers success, Bangalore Dating enjoys a consistent traffic of fresh, pretty girls and successful, rich and charming guys serious about finding love in Bangalore.

On the first meet she prescribed me to go for a test and scan, which I initially tho Malathi Manipal Hospital Jayanagar Has rich experience in treatment of disorders like ear drum rupture, nasal polyps, allergic rhinitis etc.

Thenmy Dad found Dr- Anita Krishnan on the Internet and we fixed an appointment to meet her at Nova specialty center.

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Read More Zoeya Sinha There are very few doctors in our country who explain the problem and the medication in detail. Your dream gal or guy is a click away on Bangalore Dating. She works as a consultant at Sagar hospital. I had to travel to the US in 10 days but Dr Anita assured me that 10 days were more than enough to take rest after the surgery.

Dr. Alok Banka

Anita for last six years and she has been my first choice for any ENT challenges. Expertise in treating pediatric E. Some of the things which make her the best are as follows: Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Malleshwaram He is an award winning ENT specialist with interest in septoplasty, otorhinolaryngology, cochlear implants and facial nerve surgeries.

With our wide member base, creating an engaging profile complemented by your lovely pictures is the beginning of your dating success on Bangalore Dating. On the first meet she prescribed me to go for a test and scan, which I initially thought were expensive, but later realized that they were very necessary to correctly identify the problem and start the treatment in the right direction.

My nose used to get blocked every day 30 minutes. The surgery happened on 12th Sept and doctor took 3 hours to get rid of the polyps from my nasal track. Manipal Hospital HAL Airport Road Specializes in medical and surgical management of ear infections, specially those affecting the ear drum.

The most comforting factor when you meet Dr Anita is the comforting demeanor with which she treats a patient.