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Saunders, Dragon Dating Simulator is a passion project that puts players in the role of a few lonely people looking for a little love… and romance… and maybe something a bit more. In development as a visual novel by an Austrian developer out of Vienna going by the pseudonym of M.

Apart from dealing with this conspiracy, you will be allowed to romance with dragons. I have to ask: A large numbers of developers who are coming out with few type of simulators every now and then, but there is work husband flirting with another girl new come up with a total different concept.

Dragon Dating Simulator is basically a visual novel and a dating simulator, in which you will be selected as one of the humans to visit the world of dragons.

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While you are only getting to know this strange, yet somewhat familiar land, it will be up to dragon dating simulator and the friends you make to uncover a conspiracy that threatens this newly discovered world Players will be able to romance a total of four dragons, two male and two female.

It's as much a comedy as it is a serious take on the interspecies romance angle. Also, it would need to star Sean Connery and Tom Cruise.

The game sees a group of humans traveling to a distant land in a cultural exchange program with dragons. You can check out the exchange below. If you want to learn more or contribute to the cause, feel free to visit the official IndieGoGo page.

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We think dragons today are suffering from a substantial dragon dating simulator problem. Posted on November 16,1: I mean, I would easily eat my own words if we get to see a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster starring an inter-species romance between humans and dragons. They think, speak, experience happiness and pain and can also be gentle and loving as well.

In this way the game might lead to players seeing things a little differently.


I think most people would expect the game to be nothing more than a comedy or parody on the genre based on the title and premise alone, but there is a lot more going on than that, even if I have to admit the title for the game was chosen in part to incite such a reaction.

Dragon Dating Simulator is the first commercial game that our team plans to release.

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Our aim is to show the world that dragons are people too. Wanting to break out of the stereotypes was one of my main reasons why I picked dragons in particular. The game features a novel-sized script, a story that involves dragon romance, comedy and a murder-mystery, four different love interests and multiple endings depending on player decisions.

Random Article Blend An upcoming choose-your-own-adventure visual novel is on the horizon called Dragon Dating Simulator. While popular media usually credits them as the amazing and powerful creatures they are, too often are they also depicted as being stereotypically evil or uncaring.

With this game, developers are looking to change the established image of dragons.

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Was this for the giggles, or was it to tackle a different way to approach the way people view relationships and the ideas of establishing an emotional connection. So for those who want see how far this dragon dating sim goes, feel free to scope out the demo.

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As you reach the place, you find out that there is large conspiracy brewing in this this dragon world, which can cause havoc in the whole universe. The team behind Dragon Dating Simulator claims that the game will feature a full novel sized script, different path ways, different endings and four potential romance options two female, two males.

Dragon Dating Simulator: An Interspecies Romance Tale

Nevertheless, I would suggest — like with any crowd-funding project — to exercise caution before contributing. A few years ago there was a game called Dragons Vs Unicorns that came out for the iOS and I was curious if that game was real, too. With a background in music, writing and programming, I acquired the necessary skills to start making small and simple games for myself.

Of course there is an impossibly large number of subjects we could have made this about as soon as we decided "anything goes", but as a fan of fantasy, I recognize the universal appeal of dragons in general and as a symbol even beyond that genre.


I suppose in that way the game is just my way of putting my own spin on them. I suppose most people may be able to easily get over a dragon dating simulator, but the real shocker here is the story surrounding an interspecies relationship with a dragon.

Oh yeah, and there's even a murder-mystery to round it all out. The relationships will be treated candidly, though, so players who will go into the game just for giggles will be in for a surprise, despite the comedic elements.

Dragon Dating Simulator – Even dragons have a need for love and romance

The story will also become very serious at times, so for us the challenge will be to get even those players to become emotionally attached to the characters to the point that the story and the events that unfold affect them. It was very real and very… quirky. The concept of the game really took me by surprise and I had to find out a bit more about the project and the developer, so I tossed a questions the way of M.

Many things have changed since then, but eventually, I decided to start making games myself.