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Pull-Ups, or chart stickers. After she's gotten comfortable, switch to a secure potty seat over the toilet.

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Your child should be able to follow the necessary directions for using a potty and be able to get on and off it by herself, as well as pulling her pants up and down.

Start with day time potty training.

Start Potty Training At “The Right Time”

Keep your cool; you'll look back at these travails with fondness later on. There are countless books and cartoon videos that you can read to or show your baby to get them used to the idea of potty training.

Yelling at your dog after the fact just confuses them and makes them nervous around you.

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Eventually, she'll start using it for its intended purpose. This is the most important step.

9 Tips for Potty Training Your Toddler

Approach potty training with each child individually. And keep in mind that boys may need even more time to feel ready as well. Positivity Staying positive is one of the most important tips for potty training. You know when your dog is going to have an accident? If she is not comfortable, or if she fears falling, then chances are she will associate toilet to bad experience.

Wait for your little one to show some interest in the potty and even then, try not to force it on them.

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If you are able to, set aside a week for some intense potty training when you are both ready. It is important that you don't discriminate between the twins if you perceive one to be a slow learner.

Make It Fun Find ways to make potty training more fun for your child. Make the undies a big deal.

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As a mother, it is your duty to teach your girl how to sit down and clean her private parts after peeing. Image via the author. Work Your Way Up The toilet can be scary for little girls; let your child start learning on a potty chair. Allow her to flip through a favorite book while on the potty or toilet, especially in the beginning when she's first getting accustomed to sitting there.

Teach her how to wash with a jet shower and wipe herself using toilet paper from front to back, never the other way. If she's insistent, allow her to give it a shot.

Let Your Dog Out Once Every Hour or Two

An unproductive outside time is better than an accident indoors. If your dog keeps going in the same spot chances are some of that smell has been left behind. As every parent of twins knows, your children are two distinctly different people.

Provide a step stool so she can safely get up and down and keep her feet planted while she's sitting.

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It's possible that one child may begin to show signs of readiness earlier, better for all. She should consistently be keeping her diaper dry for periods of two hours or more, and she should be indicating the need to go to the bathroom, whether verbally or through body language.

Hang out with an older crowd.

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Interested in their potty chair or the toilet. At times, when she pees on her panties, she will feel wet immediately, causing her discomfort.

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Keep an extra pair of underwear and clothing handy for trips outside the home to places such as childcare or school. Many of the tips for potty training are gender-neutral, but we have tried to customize the below list especially for your daughter. The first week is where the potty training magic happens, and the second week is where the consistency of week one starts to pay off.

She might try to pee standing up, and you should let her.

5 Simple Tips For Potty Training Your Puppy - Puppy Leaks

Instructions Provide clear, simple instructions during potty training. Many of us want our kids to be potty trained sooner than later and hence tend to sweet-talk or pressurize our way into it — however, it requires lot of time, patience, and more importantly readiness from your child.

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