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Zona de despartire in silabe Hypenation Zone specifica distanta fata de marginea din dreapta de unde se va incerca despartirea in silabe iar numarul maxim de linii consecutive in care sa se realizeze despartirea se precizeaza cu una dintre optiunile casetei Limit Consecutive Hyphens To.

And the funny thing is, it actually did kind of help my mom get over the breakup.

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Suggest an example Results: Don't tell any of the roommates about the breakup. Scuze, face parte dintr-o despartire.

Sorry, it's part of a break-up. Implicit, un cuvant care nu incape pe randul curent va fi automat trecut pe randul urmator aceasta faciliate se numeste Word Wrap.

Despartire in silabe joc

See, every breakup is a race between the two people that broke up. Tell us about your recent breakup with your girlfriend.

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I'm past the sad stage in the breakup. Daca despartirea automata nu este convenabila, se poate opta pentru cea manuala cu ajutorul butonului Manualin acest caz se va introduce cratima in pozitia dorita. I'm just going through a rather tough breakup. I have a parting gift for you here, Rose.

Despartirea in silabe a textului si sectionarea unui document in Word September 23, 2, Views 1.

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You know, I'm done justifying this breakup. Rose, am un cadou de despartire. Sectionarea unui document Sectiunile sunt zone din document cu anumite caracteristici de formatare, care le evidentiaza continutul.

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I spent two weeks hiding out there after my last breakup. Odata definita o sectiune, se poate modifica aranjarea in pagina doar in cadrul ei, alegand optiunea This section din caseta Apply To a paginii Layout File — Page Setup.

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Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. I'm going through a breakup with my wife, dude. Cu Insert-Break se mai pot introduce marcaje de sfarsit de pagina Despartirea in silabe a textului si sectionarea unui document in Word If you'll indulge me, I'm going through a rough break-up.

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Besides, this breakup has nothing to do with me. Paul, the pain of this breakup is far too much for me to bear, man. This sounds like the beginning of a break-up speech.

There was no one person responsible for the breakup. You can't dwell on this breakup forever.

"a despărţi în silabe" English translation

Well, there's always one phony break-up that precedes the real break-up. Just one last parting gift from Karen and the Espheni. Sfarsitul de sectiune este simbolizat printr-o linie intrerupta care contine textul End of Section in modul de afisare Normal ; stergerea acestei linii va conduce la alipirea celor doua sectiuni, pastrandu-se caracteristicile celei de a doua.

Well, our last parting was such sweet sorrow.