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James revealed that Devon's most recent surgery to restore his hearing was actually inspired by real life advances in cochlear implants. Neil requested to see Devon alone, then asked him to be his eyes and look after Hilary, confiding that she was not as tough as she liked people to think.

I'm not too fussy about music I like to listen to all Devon helped his new sibling, Ana, deal devon hamilton dating the truth about her parentage, and they collaborated on music together.

Devon dismissed Hilary's warning not to trust him, while Mason continued to charge things to a duplicate of Devon's credit card. Of the story, James said that Devon's hearing loss was "something you can't really understand unless you experience it, so you just try to the best you can.

The couple faces several obstacles before they even become a couple including Hilary's "denial" of her feelings and Hilary's difference between a guy flirting and being nice attraction to her boss Jack Abbott Peter Bergman which sends Devon into the arms of the gold digging supermodel Esmeralda Briana Nicole Henry.

His first request was to hear Angelina's new song, and he was amazed that thanks to Tucker it sounded the way he had heard it in his head. Devon's previous romances were rather poorly received. Luke Kerr said that while he wasn't a big fan of the initial story, he enjoyed seeing Devon and Tucker bond over their shared interest in music.

Not got Nothing yet still got time. Rescuers combed the area and found Sharon's lifeless body, but she was revived. Devon and Roxy reconcile in October As Devon awaits news after offering a reward, he tracks down the pilot that transported Hilary from the island who reveals she is in Genoa City.

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Karen told him it was time for him to get his priorities straight if he still wanted her in his life, and that meant firing Tyra. Hilary left, Neil made his choice and followed. Devon's illness helps them to realize that there a lot more important things to deal with then their "trivial problems.

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Neil needed blood, and Lily wanted to donate, but Malcolm insisted he be the one to do so. Neil was upset when Devon turned it down to work for Malcolm instead as his photography assistant as an income to support his music career. Hilary hesitated her I do, looking into Devon's eyes, but went through with it.

The advances were eventually incorporated into the show. Devon and Hilary reunite and announce their engagement shortly after Hilary and Neil's divorce is finalized.

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They fought, but the person escaped with the money. James and Khalil had previously worked together on Family Matters where she had a guest role. Foster care and deafness Of James introduction storyline as the troubled homeless foster kid taken in by Neil and Drucilla, Soap Opera Digest said the character landed on the "front burner in a social-issue saga.

Working part time as an Intern at Newman Past: Delia made the invitations which were titled "Being Free", and guests were instructed that there be no sadness, tears, or regrets, no wearing black, but happy bold colors instead.

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Tucker begged Ashley for forgiveness, but she told him that it was too late, he was out of chances, and that they were through. Neil finally gives his blessing on Devon and Hilary's wedding day they on their honeymoon soon after.

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But Lily spotted a stranger, Richard Womack, heading for the door with it under his coat. A prayer vigil was held at Indigo, where memories were shared by family and friends. The TV Watercooler hailed the pairing as "the show's best new pairing in years.

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However, they continue seeing each other in secret only to be caught by Cane's father Colin Atkinson Tristan Rogers who blackmails Devon into paying him off in exchange for his silence. Lineage and inheritance When Devon was introduced, his paternity was a mystery.

Devon told Noah he could set him up with a chance to record. Other notable storylines involving the character include the revelation about his paternity making him the grandson of Katherine Chancellor Jeanne Cooperinheriting the bulk of Katherine's billion dollar estate, and his love affair and marriage to his former stepmother Hilary Curtis Mishael Morgan.

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Devon gave her an address of an out of the way bar and challenged Hilary to meet him there, or he was going to have to leave town. Davis arrived, Devon asked to be put into a group home.

Disappointed, but unwilling to tell anyone but his friend Sierra Hoffman, he skipped school and headed for the zoo. Although disappointed when it went to Tucker, Devon was shocked to be bequeathed two billion, million dollars.

Murphy admitted that the doctors had told Katherine that she did not have long live, so she had decided to take the trip. Unable to edit the tracks himself, Devon asked Tucker for help while he was deaf.

Devon and Hilary face a long uphill battle once their affair is exposed. The time ,not so meny hours and quiet. After Hilary's surgery, Devon hovered at her bedside while Hilary worried that Neil now hated them both.

While he had always hoped that Devon's father would be an already established character like Michael Baldwin Christian LeBlanc James easily accepted the decision to go with Tucker because of the connection to Katherine, the show's matriarch.

Kevin found Tom, the pilot, who after pressure from Dylan and Devon, admitted that he had flown Hilary back to Genoa City.

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Jack made Womack a deal to call his private jet if he would let the hostages go. With his inheritance Devon does several good deeds including offering a million-dollar reward for Cordelia Abbott's hit-and-run driver and funding a charity in her name. Tucker, but disapproved of the constant rewriting of Katherine's history.

Following Katherine's onscreen death inunder executive producer Jill Farren Phelps, Devon inherits half of her billion dollar estate and later becomes the owner of The Genoa City Athletic Club.

When Lily reveals that Hilary lied to Devon about her several job offers in order to get him to rehire her, they discuss their trust issues and decide to start over, with honesty first. Later during their honeymoon in Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean while Devon napped, Hilary went exploring on her own and disappeared.

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Neil's trip had been canceled, and he happily welcomed them home. Fortunately, Devon can still speak, so James does not have to use sign language that often.

Karen was so devastated that she left Neil, and later presented him with divorce papers to sign during the pre-wedding party for Lily and Cane which Neil reluctantly signed. Then Devon suddenly received a ransom note, and Colin was suspected of being behind it as just another way to get money out of Devon.