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There are two sets of dedicated buttons, one above and one below the touchpad. You will be able to watch a movie or two on a journey, or do more than half a day's work, but not a full day on becoming less intimidating men road.

However, the standard sized touchpad is big enough and proves to serve admirably. The keyboard is spill resistant, and when the lid is closed, a protective seal forms a barrier around the LCD panel to prevent liquids from getting to the screen.

Viewing angles are good, particularly in the horizontal direction. Around back, you'll find another USB 2. In general, we prefer the pointing stick on Lenovo's ThinkPads.


The right-hand side is home to the aforementioned optical drive, another USB 2. The keyboard is comfortable to use. The touchpad hosts a basic layout with right and left mouse buttons located below the pad and left, right, and middle mouse buttons located above it as well.

The Alps Electric touchpad measures 3. However, the liberal spacing of these ports around the chassis edge makes the complement look a little more meagre than it actually is.

Inthe global market share of Dell laptops was Colors like the dark purple seat of an office chair and a collared beige shirt were well represented.

Dell 5530 review

The free DIMM slot is accessible beneath a large panel on the base of the E, so memory can be user-upgraded at a future date, too. To be fair, the E sports a 9-cell battery, while the T we tested carried a smaller 6-cell battery, the Dell's extra thickness is noticeable.

If you're willing to settle for something that is more conventional in appearance, you can get a lot more for your money.

The Latitude Es measures Audio from the built-in speakers is also above average. As with most Dell notebooks, the Latitude E allows users to customize the sensitivity and multi-touch gesture layout of the touchpad though the Dell Touchpad program.

Even more impressive the audio integrity held up even when the speakers were at percent capacity.

DELL Latitude E series Left and Right LCD Hinge Set: Computers & Accessories

The touchpad, however, feels quite small and cramped, with some erratic behaviour, although the buttons are large and responsive.

This business notebook offers plenty of performance and has a long three-year warranty. Heat After running a full-screen Hulu clip for 15 minutes, the E's touchpad and center underside measured 88 and 87 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. The screen is a The top left corner of the deck sports dedicated buttons for volume and mute, and the top right houses the power button.

This Dell may not be the slimmest machine, but it will hold up under stress. The latter's plastic tab doubles as an English-to-metric measurement conversion table. The back of the device houses an Ethernet port, a second USB 2.

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This is a mediocre result, placing the E somewhere between pure desktop replacements like Toshiba's Satellite L and true road warriors like HP's Folio On the Ten Thumbs Typing Test, we averaged 68 words per minute with a 2 percent error rate. Colors such as the orange fire in explosions and the red bars in the British flag were a bit muted, and blacks weren't as deep as we'd like.

The display faired just as well only giving slightly when excessive pressure was applied, with no noticeable rippling appearing on the screen. Being a relatively large notebook, you would expect the E to be brimming with ports. Fingerprint magnet Quick Take The Dell Latitude E is a well-balanced notebook, with suitable levels of performance and a sturdy build designed to last.

This is a 2.

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The result is a sturdy well put together device that feels cool to the touch. While the Latitude may not be as loud as other machines, the level of quality is impressive for a budget device. Anything over 95 degrees is uncomfortable.