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Dbx 160xt compressor/limiter hookup, dbx 160xt compressor / limiter

It has a fixed attack which is a bit slow, meaning that it sounds quite articulate as it allows more of the initial note attack through, but if you peg it with a loud note it will allow the initial transient dbx 160xt compressor/limiter hookup to pass and possibly clip your other gear.

Audio compression is commonly used during live concerts, broadcasts and studio recording. The system did not require elaborate input and output calibration, making it easier to use than the popular Dolby system.

Peak detection is the only type to give accurate mathematical level control, but the results are more noticeable.

DBX 160XT Compressor / Limiter - 80's Vintage - Made in Hong Kong Model - C112

In addition to managing signal levels, compressors and limiters can also be used to create special effects and add an extra dimension to recordings. Peak detection can be thought of as monitoring the instantaneous volume of the signal.

Sometimes you can find them with the transformer already installed. Now when the signal was quiet, the noise was expanded downward.

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The differences are subtle, but worth exploring if you like this sort of thing as I do. I suppose my most common use for the is to punch up a snare drum. Blackmer to create a single ended compressor system. However, since the audio signal was compressed before it was recorded, the volume of the signal on tape was always relatively high.

DBX Compressor/Limiter VST Plugin by Waves

There are many different kinds of compressors and limiters org thirteen bp local dating, including very basic models with just a few simple knobs for attacking and releasing, and more advanced models which provide greater versatility when it comes to attenuating audio signals.

If the volume produced by a piano for example, is not managed, the recording equipment could easily be overloaded when the pianist plays louder, impacting on the quality of the final recording. Choose low ratios and OverEasy compression to transparently smooth out fluctuating vocal and instrumental levels.

The same classic sound, easy set-up and no compromise metering is now married to an improved signal path and stronger chassis design.

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Audio technicians place an extremely high value on compressors and limiters. After the classic which is still used daily in many world class studioscame thethe X and the XT. This could be good or bad, depending on the desired result.

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Or use the A's Hard Knee compression and high ratios up to and beyond: They definitely impart a certain color and character to fast transient style material that I think is very cool.

Sign up for our Mailing List! The only controls available were threshold, ratio and output gain. True RMS level detection provides the most natural-sounding dynamics processing available, from subtle compression to "brick wall" peak limiting.

DBX 160XT Compressor / Limiter - 80's Vintage - Made in Hong Kong Model - C112

As a side note, it would probably be important to discuss the difference between RMS and Peak signal detection. Its musical sound, easy operation and unequaled versatility made the original dbx a world standard.

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We have several of these here at Morrisound and I find them powerful for drums and guitars. His first product in this regard was the dbx First, see this article for an explanation of dbx's product-numbering system.

A detector input can be used with an equalizer for de-essing sibilant vocals and selectively smoothing out boomy notes on acoustic guitar and bass.

Our DriveRack and ZonePRO products are designed for these applications; built to satisfy the most demanding environments. The A follows that tradition, while meeting the challenges of a digital world.

So that means if you want to use it as a limiter you'll need to carefully adjust all of the gain levels in your chain to make it work well. Compared to the Symetrix another rugged utility comp the is more transparent, but the XT is warmer.

This was probably offensive to his sensibilities, as he had created the company to make it possible to improve or at least maintain dynamic range in source material, and now he was trying to develop a system for squashing the dynamics.

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Since those beginnings we have continued to strive after audio perfection. I have always found that this system really helps a vocal sound more natural even while undergoing large amount of gain reduction. At this point, the audio would exist on the tape as well as the inherent tape noise.

From restaurants and shopping malls to nightclubs and theaters, professionals rely on dbx Professional Products to deliver unparalleled performance.

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The idea was essentially to compress the dynamic range of the incoming audio signal, then record the result on tape. Solid construction, fool proof operation, great sound, at-a-glance metering and a bulletproof output stage all contributed to its popularity with musicians, Recording studios, consultants and installers, and broadcast media production people alike.

It was founded by David Blackmer and the first products used a solid-state voltage control amplifier VCA coupled with a RMS based detection and control circuit. Featuring switch-selectable OverEasy and Hard Knee compression curves along with extremely wide-ranging threshold, ratio and output controls, the dbx A is up to any task.

Note that every dbx model I've tried has a tendency to roll off the highs a bit when more compression is applied. It seems to let the transients through, while controlling the large-scale volume issues.

Their circuits are nominally identical up to the outputs, but the older one was made with through-hole components, while the newer one was made with SMT parts; and the fact is that different specific components can sound different even if they have the same nominal rating.

I think RMS detection gives a smoother, less obvious compression algorithm.