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As of that date a limited number will be available. A portion of the proceeds from this sale goes to continue to teach Christ and metal dating western bowie sheaths skill to these people. Riveted throat for hard use.

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Designed and built for rough military, law enforcement, first responder, and survival use. From the response at the Blade Show- this will be the one everyone wants.

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Note the use of hi tech carbon fiber for the Shadow Sheath. If you want to get on the pre-order list please call today.

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Rear dual molle straps and snaps to fit over belt on on equipment straps. The first song on the album is called "Five Years," where the titular Ziggy is told the world will end in 5 years, unless eionet cddating 'Starman' will come to Earth to save humanity from itself; five years and two days after the album was released, Kanye West was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Carey O'Donnell 15 January It's been 5 days since David Bowie started his journey back to the astral palace he descended to Earth from, and the world is still reeling from his departure. Mil Spec Powder coated metal results in no reflective surfaces.

The features on the ASL -5 will be the same on this size knife. They are continuing to be tested and evaluated by several wings of our military special forces. Note the retention strap goes over the non sharp edge.

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Handle secured by a thong and hollow metal bead. One side of the sheath has a flap with a decorative tip that the boot shaft fits under. WEST', which apparently was just the name of a fur store in London.

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Sheaths occasionally available with knives- POR. The Savage knife below is a good candidate for this sheath. Subscribe to Get More. With input and training we are reproducing these. Micarta slab handle with palm swell provides a good grasp and is impervious to water.

Linder Old Western Bowie 7" Blade, Stag Handle - LD122418

The knife without sheath weighs less than 1 pound. We are knife producers- getting our blades with our designs hand made in the USA only, by a professional knife company.

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This is the perfect knife for any First Responder or Special Forces member. Sheaths will be made in both Kydex and leather and are a separate charge. We have spent a tremendous amount of time working with representatives in the Special Forces community. Note the new laser etched logo and ability to serial number knives.

The final version is available and we are experiencing a tremendous response.

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Also available with red liner between handle and knife. Handle area has cut outs to reduce weight but a handle can easily be fitted or para cord wrap for grip.

The same options are available as on the Kydex sheaths. Also an alternate way of securing with a Malice clip. Knife designs and accessories are copyrighted and can not be replicated in any way, shape, or fashion.

The blades are hard carbon steel with a Rockwell hardness of around What's that old saying? It will have the same blade and handle look as its big brother but in a very utilitarian size.

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Can be made to fit any size belt. This style sheath works best with a knife with a short one sided or no guard at all. Made with the same treatments and thickness as the combat knives below.

This will be our standard knife for the Primitive Pouch Sheath above. Sheaths are pre-fitted to dull blades so when the blade is sharpened it will not dull on the sheath edge. Get on the pre-order list today. Other sizes available to your specs.

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An all around flat edge grind and ease of resharpening in the field has been designed. Can be made for any hand gun cartridge. They were taught the specifics of modern metal working by a team of blacksmith professionals and missionaries.

Production will be limited.