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Yu is the emotional and mental center of the Investigation Team, which is part of the reason that he's their de-facto leader. To get 'Malakh', Yosuke's strongest weapon, first you need to have beaten the game at least once.

Once again, the event differs depending on the relationship that was chosen. Not even Naoto's exempt, as if you talk to thidrekssaga online dating in a dungeon without having started her social link and with Kanji nearby, she'll lament that since Kanji won't talk to her, he must not even consider her a friend.

Chie spouts the first theories that pop into her head when the Team is discussing the case, but occasionally everyone goes quiet when they realize she's absolutely right.

The amount of similarities and differences between those two are the main reason why they have a lot of Ship Tease together. Reading The Noodle Way on your sofa. Naoto types up a report of her findings. Reading The Divine Way on your sofa.

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What are transferred to the 2nd play through on persona 4? Reading Forever Macho on your sofa.

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She is interviewed by a TV show and subsequently kidnapped and thrown into the Midnight Channel. Naoto and Kurosawa make their way towards Inaba. They're two of the most intelligent characters in the party, but while Naoto is quite serious, Yukiko's more ditzy and silly.

When dating naoto persona 4 stats is depleted to zero 0she has access to both Hamaon's and Mudoon's ability to instant kill the enemy and, unlike most instant kills, is able to execute them in any round. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

In the Rank 9 event, Naoto will read off the final challenge from the thief, and asks the protagonist somewhere where she likes to be; for the most positive reaction, answer "Somewhere high.

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His fight against Izanami solidified this where he almost willingly succumbed to the fog so that he could be in a reality where he remains with his friends. Studying at your desk at night. They both are born into families who have carried out certain careers for generations detectives for the Shiroganes, innkeepers for the Amagisand while Naoto wants to follow in her parents' and grandfather's footsteps a detective but struggles with the male-dominated police, Yukiko initially doesn't want to inherit the inn, but faces no issues relating to her gender her mother is the current manager.

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Invoked by their Shadows, which take their most prevalent character flaws and insecurities and exaggerate them to the point of coming off as cheap mockeries of the character they're based on.

There are a variety of codes that I have found from an interesting website. Dojima begging Naoto to save Nanako. When she asks why she is needed for this, the man reveals that this involves both Shadows and Personas, piquing Naoto's interest. A 'Persona' is a 'social role', or the role played by an actor.

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Eventually she runs into Mitsuru and is able to defeat her. On another note, Naoto's close range game has somewhat improved, especially with her new Blight move and a few other changes. Working part time at the hospital.

His Social Link is mostly spent helping him getting past it, and it eases up a fair amount once Yosuke stops holding his Shadow against him. Shadow of the Labyrinth when fully evolved.

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Reading Guide to Pests on your sofa. Incidentally, Naoto was also able to deduce that Kanji would be the next victim, and tries to seek clues by speaking to him.

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Eating the special ramen from Aiya's on rainy days. Diligence Reading Witch Detective on your sofa. Eating special ramen at Aiya's on rainy days. During Rank 6, the protagonist must choose "I'm glad you're a girl" as their 3rd answer. The "me" who existed before them The release date is to be announced.

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Naoto Shirogane

What's more, despite her flexible playstyle, her zoning and offense can be overshadowed by others like Teddie for the former and Kanji for the latter. Persona 4 Arena Edit Naoto's story stands unique compared to the other members of the Investigation Team, since her story is more involved with the Shadow Operatives, rather than the Investigation Team itself.

Socialism began during the midst of the French Revolution of I recommend you to be at level 70 or higher since it's one of the hardest enemies to beat and to have Yosuke in your party as well This will lower the odds of getting it. Shadow of the Labyrinth lets Izanagi-no-Okami keep Izanagi's immunity to darkness, leaving light as the only element it doesn't resist.

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Blue This is lampshaded in Golden during an outing with Marie, where she points out that Chie and Yukiko always wear the same color clothes.

Izanagi resists electricity, is weak to wind, and nullifies darkness.