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Dating name quiz warrior, if you had to choose betwwen one of your kits dieing or your leader who would you choose?

You don't sleep all night and the next morning your mentor tells you to go hunting. Flee and lead it to camp! Grab herbs and prepare to help my Clanmates. Leap into battle with my friends! Run away and save yourself! A young tom invades your territory! Just leave the prey there.

Ask it what flirting with foreign girls doing Capture it and bring it to your Clan leader 5 You are on border patrol.

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Panic about how your mentor will scold you and flee from your clan. Hide in a bush until it goes away. You find out that your clanmate has been breaking the warrior code by visiting a cat from another clan! But for my freinds. Yell at them loudly, possibly attracting RiverClan's attention Order them, quietly and carefully, to put the fish back, yelling at them for real when you return to camp Grab the fish and throw it back in yourself 6 You think your Clan leader is a vile, rude, bloodthirsty, impatient, quick-to-attack fearmongerer.

Keep it a secret form everyone but your can leader and your apprentice. What do you do?! I take it, I might not fully trust them I yowl for help, even though its not possible.

Answer the questions and discover what your warrior name is!

Take it as calmly as you can, although feeling sad and confused inside Scream and cry and run away like a kit 9 Your littermate is found murdered, with the scent of one of your friends from RiverClan strong on the body.

Then help my leader. Are you a Tom or a She Cat? Try to ignore it, but have a hard time not wincing when you see your kit Cry bitterly about the unfairness of the world Cringe every time your kit walks by you Ignore it, because who cares, as long as the kit is cool?

Its only a dream. Panic and yowl making your whole clan scatter and panic!

Warrior cat name quiz

I welcome them, and ask what they are doing. I will run and look for help! Try not to attack your 'friend' when you see him at Gatherings Stay cool about it, because who cares, as long as you see your littermate in StarClan? I will push the cats into a hidden space and try attacking the fox back!

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The clan leader's got nine lives! Help my clan leader! You are a kit, and you run away with your litter-mates.

Warrior cat name quiz

A strange cat from another land to tell you trouble is coming. My mate is the same as my leader, so them first.

I give him a simple warning, telling him to not come back. Run away to find the nearest patrol. I try killing the pack leader, it turns around when im dead instead.

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They are 5 moons old, what do you do? It rains fire and trees fall, destraction rules the forest! Dogs attack your territory, and kills your best freind. Save my leader, much as it hurts. That a strong cat comes to destroy you!

I watch fire tears down trees one by one, my best freind is the only one that can lead me away. Yowl for help as I do so. What do you do?

Who do you save first? Catch a fish, too; turn it into a contest, for all I care! Say that you just want to be friends with them. What do you do?


Solving problems Running, swimming, and climbing trees Hunting Healing, both inside and out Tricking people into things Fighting Your are on a hunting mission and you happen to cross paths with a rogue.

Run away as far from the fox as possible even if it means to get away from clan boundries! Block the hole, you never really liked him. Rating helps us to know which quizzes are good and which are bad. I wait in the place of battle!

Your leader is wounded, your apprentice is trapped, your mate is pinned, and your friend knocked out and about to be killed.

Keep it a secret!

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Go with the, easy to get along with but snotty, one. I dont trust them, I use my strength to scare them off.