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Riedkanal, dist. Tinguely Museum, Basel, Basel-Stadt, dist. It lies on the main road N19, which runs from Belfort to dent. Schloss Binningen, Binningen, District of Arlesheim, dist.


Morvillars had a station crossdating tree rings the railway line from Belfort to dent. Grand Canal, dist. Middle of the 14th century came the village under the suzerainty of the Habsburg dynasty.

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Attractions The church of Saint -Martin, which originally goes back to a medieval building, rebuilt in the 19th century. Chapelle de Chaffois, Arrondissement de Pontarlier, Doubs, dist. Dreisam Kanal, dist. Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Lausanne District, dist.

Dating in morvillars france Ballenberg, dist.

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Endinger Kanal, dist. End of the 17th century, industrialization began. History Is first mentioned Morvillars in Basel Minster, Basel, Basel-Stadt, dist. This valley has a width of approximately one kilometer.

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Leopolds Kanal, dist. Hallwil, Boniswil, Bezirk Lenzburg, dist. Glatt Kanal, dist. Iffigenfall, dist. Sankt Jost, dist. Petit Rhin,Bas-Rhin, dist. Since then, the population declined slightly again.

Morvillars, France

Hagneck Kanal, dist. Rhine Falls, dist. By bus Morvillars is connected to Belfort. Kunstmuseum Basel, Basel, Basel-Stadt, dist.

Dom Arlesheim, Arlesheim, District of Arlesheim, dist.

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Center of Switzerland, Sachseln, Obwalden, dist. The nearest links to the A36 is located at a distance of about eight kilometers. The central part of the area is traversed in an east-west direction from the valley of the Allaine, which provides for the drainage to the Doubs.

Horben, Beinwil FreiamtBezirk Muri, dist. Chapelle de Montpetot, Arrondissement de Pontarlier, Doubs, dist. Canal Vauban,Haut-Rhin, dist.

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Martin Tower Population With inhabitants 1 January Morvillars one of the smaller communities of the department of Territoire de Belfort.

Eremitage Arlesheim,District of Arlesheim, dist. Staubbachfall, dist.

Town of Morvillars

Canal de la Marne au Rhin,Bas-Rhin, dist. The village has good transport links. Canal de Huningue,Haut-Rhin, dist. Horgen Sust, Horgen, Bezirk Horgen, dist. Larger industrial and commercial zones are located along the Allaine and on the border with Bourogne.

Aabach Wasserfall, dist. Flanked the valley of the Allaine on both sides by gently rising slopes. Geography Morvillars is located on m above sea level, about eleven miles southeast of the town of Belfort a straight line.

The village is located in the lowlands of the Burgundian Gate, in the valley on both sides of the Allaineon the northern edge of the plateau of the Bois de la Voivre.

Hohengeroldseck, Ortenaukreis, Freiburg Region, dist.

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Wat Srinagarindravararam, Gretzenbach, Bezirk Olten, dist. Mon Baerenstall,Haut-Rhin, dist. Kirche Arisdorf, Arisdorf, Bezirk Liestal, dist.