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In most cases, rarity, rather than age, also impact value. Didn't really understand why all the people were on the ground shouting up at me.

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Source Collecting and Displaying Glass Insulators The hobby of collecting glass insulators is a fairly new hobby, but there are collectors worldwide. The mode code is a one or two digit number, sometimes followed by a letter.

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There's even a club, the National Insulator Associationto encourage collecting. It's a glimpse back into time, when coal-fired engines chugged along railway tracks and telegraphs clicked out messages to waiting towns.

There are events, meetings and more. However, most people will refer to it as a "zero". In the Price Guide, these are generally referred to as [Numbers and dots] and [Number].

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Collecting glass insulators is a fascinating hobby. Nice find Herbie, Thanks Everyone! Although the hobby of collecting glass insulators is fairly new, there are many good books out on the market that can help you identify and price your glass insulator. When in doubt, check the price guides.

Middle schoolers dating, the mold code is not significant, unless you really are a specialty collector.

In some transition cases, the number 9 was used to represent and 0 to represent Which I believe was teasing the local 'junkyard dog', who proceeded to snap his chain, chase me in what seemed like slow motion, and left 2 puncture marks in my butt Ahh, the memories of childhood I don't know how my Dating hemingray insulators for sale survived me, God Bless Her.

You can find glass insulators for sale on eBay, at flea markets, yard sales, auctions and antique shops nationwide.

The first number MM is the mold number, and the second number YY is the year plus when the mold was made. Railway lines often shared the right of way with several companies. In any case, count ALL the dots, and add this to the mold year see above. In some cases, the letter designated the type of material the mode was made out of.

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No mold number was generally present. I remember being grounded for quite a while. They can be displayed on a shelf or on a windowsill. According to Insulators Info, a catalog listed various colors of glass insulators to help the linesman distinguish which insulator and line belonged to which company.

Before transforming your glass insulator into a craft project, be sure you are certain of its value and are willing to part with it, because once transformed it loses any inherent value it had as an insulator.

Dating Hemingray Insulators

Identification and Value of Glass Insulators Most collectors agree that the best way to identify and determine the value of a glass insulator is to begin with whatever markings are on the piece itself, and to use a good price guide and identification book.

When I was 7 we lived in a 3 story apartment building with a wonderful antenna that ran from the ground to the roof.

Writen by Bill Meier All Hemingray insulators since have had mold and date codes on them. Glass insulators in perfect condition are best left as they are.

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The variations in the styles and colours are amazing. There are often dots present after the year code. Dots will likely follow the "numbers".

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I remember once when I was 16, I climbed onto the roof of an abandoned garage in the middle of a field to unscrew an insulator! This format was "MM-YY" such as Thus, "" is mold 23, which was made in The colors varied even among similar colored insulators listed for sale in manufacturer's catalogs, and a wide variation may be found among similarly colored insulators from the same company.

Dave, you were a little Hellion I climbed the roof of an old garage too, didn't know where I was when I woke up in it's dark basement after crashing through the roof and first floor. Thus O-4 means the mold was made inO-8 means I remember climbing up there one day and sitting on the roof and enjoying the view.

There are several different patterns, and some special cases as well. Cracks, chips or damage of any kind on a glass insulator decrease its value significantly. This is actually the letter "O" for Owens-Illinois and not the digit "0".

Dating Hemingray Insulators

The insulators I found along the edge of the wood had cracks and chips and when I looked them up, were all very common insulators, making them worth very little.

As with most glass antiques, condition and rarity are most important to determining value. But, a colon is really two dots.