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Damon Howatt-Martin Archery Bows

Shooting the horse bow definitely helped get my back and shoulder muscles back into shooting shape. Please do not confuse them for additional shipping charges. The Martin, with its center shot riser and pistol grip with an arrow rest is much easier to shoot consistently than the non-center shot horse bow that you shoot off the knuckle.

Only what is in the pictures are included in the auction.

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Adjust the height of the eye bolts so that they keep the All-thread level when tension is applied to the jig posts. The bow is in good shooting condition with no limb twist or defects. Bear Anarchy HC x2. I had to work through a number of difficult problems that are not readily apparent just from looking at the finished product.

Martin Archery Longbows and Recurve Bows

Finally, I will not mark merchandise values If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Just let me know within 3 days of receipt that you want to return it.

Returns will only be accepted if BOW is returned in the same condition as when it left me. New items may or may not be eligible for a warranty through the manufacturer.

The Martin seems to shoot a bit faster than the SMA horse bow, but it's not an apples-to-apples comparison. You don't see too many matador's around for sale.

Martin Damon Howatt Hunter Recurve Bow | Up to $ Off w/ Free S&H

If it is lower I will refund the difference. This is heredium latino dating vintage Damon Howatt Archery Ventura right handed 35 pound recurve bow that is 66 inches long unstrung.

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If you want more information or pictures feel free to ask. Handle does have a few rub marks as well. We start MOST of our auctions at. Only minor finish scratches on lower limb. We have also taken detailed photographs of the actual product being sold.

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This was the second design of compound bow ever built. No shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or Foreign countries: Has one scratch on riser and minor chips on lamination from normal use. I found it was easier to thread the nut on the all thread and drill through them at one time rather than drilling separately.

The bow has a new calfhair leather strikeplate, new Molehair rug on the shelf and a good vintage string. Use the spring-less jig post to start tensioning the spring and watch the scale climb. First, I put on a new Bear Hair arrow rest, to replace the old piece of moleskin that was on the shelf. I'm using a target which can stop crossbow bolts and the arrows from the recruve don't seem to penetrate more than those from the lighter bow, but they do make a louder thwack when they hit.

Martin Damon Howatt Hunter Recurve Bow

We Ship Tuesdays and Thursdays Only. There are a few very minor scuffs that look like they could be buffed out.

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This allows you to use the spring as your scale. Comes with the string.

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An arrow rest could also cover this. There are wood overlays and underlays on the tips and the tips are nice. Please contact the original manufacturer to see if your item is eligible. Thanks for checking out my ad! It pulls 55 lbs. Fifteen pounds may not seem like much but in the case of a stick bow, it is.

The bow has white glass both sides with no stress marks. This will prevent excessive binding when you tension the string. Taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. I also have a Allen model compound bow for sale. Buyer will pay shipping of This has been a very good bow, not able to shoot it anymore.

These cracks are from age. This thread is going to get quite long, but I want to make sure that you have everything you need to get starts as well as some instructions on string building to make you successful.

We also test our products to the best of our ability.

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Which do not look like they were ever used. Please note, there are 2 larger scratches. See pictures for details.

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This is not refurbished or reconditioned. Dings or stress lines. The Martin is also noticely smoother shooting, lacking the shock that you feel when the horse bow's siyahs spring forward.

Nice vintage collectable Howatt.

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No shipping outside the US. The bow is a good shooter with no shooting problems and would be a great one to revarnish the limb finish and bring back to its original beauty.

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