Brugge Brasserie | Indianapolis, Indiana Brugge Brasserie | Indianapolis, Indiana

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If you have anxiety about being in a small, louder space, I would recommend sitting outside. The blue cheese chicken crepe is super savory, light, and delicious. You get sauces with your fries and I loved the mustard and aoili.

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My boyfriend is a very critical individual with a chef for a father, so this speaks volumes of how well the duck is prepared here. They had some seating in the main entrance so we made ourselves comfortable. The service was amazing! We had to wait a short time, which is totally understandable.

My boyfriend loved the duck, it was perfectly cooked and he loved it so much he opened the sandwich and ate it by itself!

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I cannot say enough good things about this place, and I appreciate that we have always had good service. Overall loved the restaurant.

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I have heard the mussels are great, but I usually go with either a crepe or a sandwich. One of the things that will turn me off of a place immediately is poor service. We will definitely be back!

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I absolutely love caprese, which is brought to life in a big way for me on this sandwich! I had the pleasure of being in Europe over that time, and experienced actually visiting Brugge and Brussels had mussels there and these exceeded those.

Most recently, three of us sat outside on the patio and it was lovely.

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Most recently, I ordered the chicken mitraillette which has yummy pesto, tomatoes, and mozzarella. I ordered the Provencal Moules Frites, which is 2 lbs.

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I was full for the rest of the night. The sandwiches comes with a generous portion of their amazing fries, and their assortment of sauces is impressive.

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Their wine choices are nice and affordable, and the same goes for their draft list. I was very pleased the portions, I often order mussels and wish there were more, but with this meal I was full at the end and struggled a little to finish!

Unfortunately, I can't recommend anything but the staple items but why else would you go sarcasm Alayna B.

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I have never had a bad experience here! I love the garlic aioli most, but I also enjoy the blue cheese and the horseradish. I didn't know what flavor of mussels to choose and he gave great suggestions and didn't rush us.

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I haven't been a visitor in nearly 3 years. I've been craving them for a very long time and I have tried multiple places around Indy and have not been satisfied. The seating is very close quarters. Our server Joe was very polite and quick, and moved efficiently.