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Central Bruges - The centre of Bruges in contained within a clearly defined shape called the Pentagon. A cozy bar with the same name is located next to the night club. You can walk right across the Pentagon in about half an hour. What are some interesting facts about Bruges? The first — and smaller — office is at the train station, where they concentrate on making hotel reservations for visitors.

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The centre of Bruges in contained within a clearly defined shape called the Pentagon. A lot of the In Bruges locations are freely accessible places and most of them were already popular before the movie was shot there.

Peperstraat, Bruges Where to Stay in Bruges for Sightseeing Bruges' medieval town center is easy to explore on foot, and the best place to stay is within walking distance of the Markt, the city's main square, dominated by the massive Halle and its famous belfry. Several times a week experienced dancers organize here different classes for beginners.

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Completed init depicts Saints Barbara and Catherine flanked by St. Most of historic Brussels is contained within these bounds, including both the commercial and popular districts of the Lower Town, and the aristocratic quarter 40 days of dating blog sites the Upper Town, which includes the Royal Palace.

Ray jumps from the terrace of this hotel into one of the canal boats. Keywords map, plan, download, print, printable, free, detailed, aerial, bird's eye, satellite, guide, planner, travel, sightseeing, visit, trip, tour, tourist, what to do, where to go, things to do, must see, top attractions, points of interest, places, sites, sights, buildings, spots, destinations, locations, landmark, museum, in a week, in 3 days, one day, city, route, bus, kids, children, top 10, top ten, popular, famous, interesting, highlights, public transport, rail, hotels, updated, metro, subway, underground, tube, downtown, coach, nightlife, pub, monument, satellite, accommodation, transit, transportation, supermarket, children, dating bruges map, subway, underground, tube Seating plans and charts of entertainment venues showing detailed seat and row numbers.

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Click here to check reviews, prices, and availability. For those wanting to stay in one of the city's older buildings, try the Relais Bourgondisch Cruycewith its medieval exterior, antique furniture, and oak beamed-rooms overlooking a canal.

Canal near the Steenhouwersdijk Groenerei - Just south of the Burg is one of the prettiest stretches of canal, where calm waters reflect the medieval bridges and skyline. The Brangwyn Museum, in the 18th century Arentshuis next door to the Gruuthusemuseum, has porcelains, pewter ware, ceramics, mother-of-pearl ware, and a charming collection of views of old Bruges as well as an exhibition of paintings and drawings by the Bruges-born English artist Frank Brangwyn Check the website for up to date prices and opening times.

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The old dispensary adjacent to the wards has also been preserved. Especially outstanding are the Baroque rood-screen with a figure of God the Father by Artus Quellin dating bruges map Younger, the 15th-century choir stalls embellished with the coats of arms of Knights of the Golden Fleece and, above the stalls, Brussels tapestries made in To honor her, Stromberg built a dam in a lake and buried Minna in the dry part, after which he let the water flow again, creating the Minnewater Lake.

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Groeninge Museum Groeningemuseum and Memlingmuseum - Not only is this one of the great north European collections, with star roles played by the late medieval masters of Flemish painting, such as Jan van Eyck and Hans Memling; it is also refreshingly small.

She died in his arms. In Bruges locations… in Bruges 1. For some help in narrowing down the options, we present you with a range of high resolution maps which will help you find the detailed locations of the must-see sights - just click on a selected map to access a large version that can be downloaded and printed, or saved onto your mobile device.

Narrow streets fan out from these two squares, while a network of canals threads its way to every section of the small city. This beautiful enclave, home to a community of beguines from untilexpresses something essential about the soul of Bruges. Sint-Jacobstraat, central Bruges Jeruzalemkerk Share: The site which is so special that it is almost impossible not to take a photo.

It often counts celebrities among its guests and has won several awards. Another popular "souvenir" that travelers love to buy is, without a doubt, cheese. Getting around - The center of Bruges is compact and filled with pedestrian-only streets, which makes walking the best way to get around.

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Here, the Steenhouwersdijk stonemason's embankment becomes the Groenerei green canal and is flanked by a picturesque almshouse called De Pelikaan, dated and named after the symbol of Christian charity, the pelican. You can find the detailed locations of these places on the maps above.

If you have only one day in Bruges, geography is on your side. Madonna and the donor, Canon van der Paele and the portrait of Margaret van Eyck, the artist's wife, painted when she was 33 years of age B-in is considered one of the most popular nightclubs of the city.

Groeningemuseum The Groeningemuseum In return for a night out, Ray lets Ken choose what to do for a day. There is also a real gourmet cheese, imported from Switzerland, France and England. Particularly eye-catching are the lacework, carvings, tapestries, and weaponry, also the delightfully restored and completely authentic old Flemish kitchen and the dispensary.

Have some relaxing time on one of the benches along the lake. Belfry Tower Belfort - For a breathtaking view over Bruges' medieval streets, climb the steps to the top of the Belfort.

Mix x Bruges has always been one of the most visited places in Belgiumbut the movie In Bruges with actors Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson most certainly gave it a boost.

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The result is that Brussels is still a very compact city. The hotel is located by a corner of Rozenhoedkaai, a corner that could well be the most photographed place in Bruges.

Manneken-Pis - No one knows why this tiny bronze statue of a boy peeing a jet of water has become such a cherished symbol of Brussels, but it has. Some were shot on a set that looked less luxurious than the real hotel does. South of Sint-Jansspitaal is the street of Walstraat rimmed by tiny, exceptionally pretty, gabled 16th- and 17th-century houses in which lacemakers still practice their craft.

On the exterior, the Jeruzalemkerk is most noted for its tower, which is distinctly different from other church spires in Belgium because of its oriental influences.

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Finally, if you are tired of loud music and want some rest, a cozy bar is at your service. The Canals of Bruges by the Rozenhoedkaai - This slender quay provides an exquisite view of the Belfort. The Adorne family, who built the church, had made a Holy Land pilgrimage and built this church upon their return.

The main tourist office is right in the centre of town at Burg.

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Ken wants to take in the cultural sights in Bruges and one of the places they go to is the Groeninge Museum. City layout - Bruges has two hearts, the side-by-side monumental squares called the Markt and the Burg.

At a glance it may resemble a boutique or a jewelry shop - sweets are laid out on beautiful display cases with lighting. Nowadays this outline is formed by a busy ring road called the Petite Ceinture. North and east of the Markt - The gentle canals and maze-like cobbled streets of eastern Bruges are extraordinarily pretty, and it's here that the city reveals its depth of character.

On the outer side of the Minnewater is the rail station. Catherine, painted for the so-called St. The area is at its prettiest among the old lanes near the cathedral, Salvatorskathedraal, which lays claim to be the city's most satisfying church, though the Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk, just to the south, comes a close second.

Ray lies wounded on the ground.

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The Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce is a stylish hotel, decorated with works by artists such as Matisse and Klimt.

South of the Markt - The bustling area to the south the Markt holds the city's busiest shopping streets as well as many of its key buildings and most important museums. Open Bruges will be surely liked by nightlife lovers and people who enjoy entertainments. Look up at the tympanum, over the bricked up gate to the left of the Mariastraat entrance, embellished with reliefs showing the Virgin, which bears the date Armed with our maps, you should be able to find the accurate location of must-see places.

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John the Baptist and St. However, the first five rooms of the museum are the ones most likely to claim your attention as they contain quite exceptional paintings by Old Flemish masters.

Immediately opposite the west door of the Church of Our Lady stands the oldest building in Bruges, the Sint-Jansspitaal founded in the 12th century.