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The second George moved production to Sheffield where he built the fabled Rockingham Works known locally as the Rockingham Wheel in around All the cracks were dating a george wostenholm razor and didn't seem to threaten the overall integrity.

Overall, I thought the old wosty turned into a really attractice-looking razor that cleaned up nicely—far exceeding my expectations at the start of the restoration.

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Kevin, have you shaved with it yet? He was an incredibly astute and fiercely determined businessman.

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The name has been spelt Wostenholm ever since. Here are a few shots of the unique beveled spine treatment which runs half the blade length. The company won the highest prize medal; the first of many awards bestowed upon Wostenholms throughout the world for outstanding quality.

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The condition was not atypical of many razors from that era— years of grime, rust and 'devil's spit' on the blade; some real potential pitting on the tang stamp and pivot point.

The razor dates from around the midth century Rockingham Works; Parrott Con 50" —perhaps the early owner of this razor?

George Wostenholm The third George Wostenholm b served his apprenticeship under his father at Rockingham Works.

George Wostenholm 1800-1876

Although the company had achieved considerable success under his father, it was the third George that catapulted Wostenholms to the head of Sheffield knife making. The name of the factory was a clue to how enamoured George had become with America. The dark horn scales looked to have several cracks and splits at several points, and both pins were loose.

Originally I planned on tossing the old, dark scales—but once I began cleaning them up and sanding them a bit, I was amazed at the beautiful color of the horn which lay beneath the years of accumulated gunk.

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The blade itself had a good deal of rust to remove and revealed areas of pitting no surprise! George himself is reported to have made a great many visits to America at a time when trans-Atlantic passage would have been arduous to say the least.

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The Great Exhibition Bowie Knives It is important to note that expansion was never to the detriment of quality. His dedication to his company had meant that he had previously declined the role on two separate occasions.

The stamp on the tang was all but unreadable before clean-up but afterwards, despite some loss of the stamp, is legible. The first entry in The Sheffield City Directory which incorrectly spells the name! New brass domed washers, solid brass pins, original horn scales and lead wedge…. I decided to use the original scales, despite some slight chipping and other imperfections present.

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On one side is inscribed with the words, "J.