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Their draft beer is warm.

Caution: You’re dating a bartender (15 Photos)

And all the other girls who come in there! You may find money strewn about in unusual places.

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Shutterstock There will be persistent regulars There will be women who come to the bar every week or even every day, hoping that your boyfriend will fall in love with them. Brunch is the shit.

Which brings me to this reflection.

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If your boyfriend is a cutie, he is attracting men and women! It will drive you nuts.

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Someone comes in bright and shiny, orders some flamboyant martini and starts telling us how great things are. It was a lot. Not sure what to make with ingredients you have at home?

And, again, he has to flirt to get tips.

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One night I took 15 shots and was still able to count my till at the end of the night. And, with good reason — because girls at the bar are the worst.

I had customers bring their coworkers to see it… I was a crowd pleaser.

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You can also search by color and strength making it super simple for you to find exactly what you are looking for. I know this, because I am a girl. Small bills in a white ankle sock.

You have to have the power and control to take over any situation that may arise at your bar. While this makes our lady parts tingle, we have to remember: At the core of the job, bartending is sales.

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Patrons look at you as a cheaper version of a therapist, so be just that. Shutterstock His coworkers are his family You might feel left out of the bar camaraderie sometimes. If you can drink with your patrons, you will make a great bartender.

If you fall into that trap, depression can ensue, which results in hitting up the late night bars for two gin martinis before catching the subway.

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Tips come when the flirting comes. We are completely tuned into you. The booze helps too, of course.

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I learned quickly from that. From creative jello shots to spiked desserts — we have it all right here. Try to remain calm.

Are you of legal drinking age?

And, its not like in Coyote Ugly, where they pretend to take the shot. With that in mind, here are a few small things you need to know about entering BAE status with your favorite bar keep.

Because, they need to be there when the rest of us ers need our fix. You only wear it to the bar! Maybe a fresh drink too.

6 Truths: A Reflection On Dating A Bartender

Martini at a NYC bar As a female bartender you have to know when to say no. Pardon us if we maintain a perpetual sense of skepticism. Leave it to the professionals. Coworker relationships all start around one similarity: Lay out a straw puzzle in order to keep their mind occupied.

That is a great quality to have in a bartender.

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This bartender is a douche. We have, however, through years of training developed a specific set of skills. Bartending for seven years now, I have seen a lot, done a lot, heard way too much and experienced crap beyond belief.

Sleeping with your drunk customers can just prove to be difficult. Some women like a challenge. You need to be able to throw someone out without the help of a bouncer. Case in point, we work half the hours you work and make twice the money. I have been followed home once… not a good time.

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My boss would bring in friends and demand that I show them the bar trick. I have done all of the above and learn from my mistakes… not good. Be a good fake listener.