Who is Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove dating? Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove boyfriend, husband Who is Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove dating? Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove boyfriend, husband

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Her and Zoey talked all the way whilst Niall and Zayn chatted. When they wake up next to each other the following morning, Texas cannot remember "if anything happened between them".

She misses a date with Jodie to be Dodger's confidant for the evening. Lynsey realises that Silas is "out to get Texas" and arranges a meeting. The TV version of Bianca is very different from the hook up sites in kenya version.

Texas decides to leave for Australia but Dodger convinces her to stay by confessing his love. Bianca can only date if Kat is also in a relationship. However, he sleeps with her friend Jodie and pretends to be fine with the scenario.

Liam promises to go to school the next day but does not, and tells Bianca she thinks he is a loser and knows nothing about him.

But on their wedding day she will be pushed to her death from a window. Silas realises that India did not behave how he had previously believed and feels guilty. He changes his mind and takes Texas to hospital and pretends that he saved Texas.

I got changed and Doniya and her husband took Flynn for the night. The storyline is about "dealing with really, really strong emotions when you're relatively young. Hendrickse-Spendlove told a columnist for TVTimes that Texas has never had to organise a funeral before, so she is a "headless chicken" trying to deal with everything.

I'm gonna kick her ass tonight Texas discovers Will and Leanne kissing so she sleeps with Dodger. As a "force of nature" she almost has a "super-natural ability to make other people feel good about themselves". She confronts Will who throws himself down some stairs, believing she pushed him.

In her grandmother, Mona Kane died in her sleep of breast cancer. Then a beautiful girl with brown hair in a tight bun came up to me and smiled.

Will acts "all pathetic, as if he's completely reliant on her". She developed Jodie as the character who changed Texas and Dodger's lives, leaving them questioning their self-identity. Bianca informs her that there is still a chance that they may once again be together.

When Lynsey arrives she is met with Silas and she hits him with a brick. A spokesperson stated that "there's a while to go before Texas and Will's big day arrives" and new characters could have a motive to want Texas dead.

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She doesn't know I am saying this so I won't tell her if you don't want me to Hazza, the birthday boy! She was a precocious child, and her stepmother imparted to her some of her own delightful inspirations -- the two were inseparable.

However, when India notices that Texas' date is attractive, she ignores her own advice and meets up with him. Morgan starts asking questions about who his father is, to which Bianca replies that his father is Barack Obama.

I smiled and kissed back. Bianca is warned that if he continues, she could receive a fine or go back to prison. Texas was one of many new characters which were introduced during Paul Marquess ' revamp of the series.

Texas is slightly fragile and vulnerable.

Fight Fight Fight!

Jodie later reveals that she is attracted to someone else and kisses Texas. Will is left paralysed and Texas becomes his carer. The main character, Bianca, works for the sake of others rather than herself. It is at this point that Texas realises that she needs to decide between Jodie and Dodger.

I saw a few people I recognised.

Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove

When Jodie kisses Texas they said it was hard to tell who was more shocked out of Texas and Dodger. India accuses Texas of being irresponsible, and goes to meet Cameron instead but it turns out to be a trap set by Silas, who murders India. Lucy is a really nice girl and Taylor is well um They all started laughing at the 'memories' and I have to admit, I was jealous.

Hey Flynn, i'm going to Hazza's bday party. Silas sets Lynsey a challenge to discover the identity of the victim and he will hand himself in.

Is he Jealous?(A Zayn Malik fanfic)

Atherton believed that Will's plan is to have Texas "completely subservient to him". Bianca is a far more innocuous character, who takes in Harry while he's on the run, and even arranges safe passage elsewhere with little apparent intention of using it against him.

He likes the thought that Jodie likes both sexes, but at the same time has a long history with Texas and is still "massively attracted to her". Will Savage James Atherton discovers Sienna's identity, but hides the truth from Texas, using it as an opportunity to console and kiss her.

Although Bianca is living with her father, she visits her mother from time to time.