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Which route you go into depends on the animal you were closest to. Sadly though his personality takes a complete once Heejung starts developing feelings for him and spoiling him.

Out of all the times i've seen you, this is the most desirable. Heejung talking to Jiwoo while he intently writes something.

Dandelion - Wishes brought to you -

Jihae is very close to Jieun, and even as animals it is implied that Jieun and Jihae were close before coming to Earth, which is compounded when they take human form and in their routes. I wonder who he could like? He loves oranges and anything orange flavored or scented, loves baths, and just has this way with being so freaking adorable.

He apparently has pink paw pads that Heejung finds Jiwoo's original outfit adorable. Use the bookshelves of your room; the Study. Heejung tries to find her real dream Somebody's Got A Crush!

"Don't let go of my hand" – The House in Fata Morgana

Jiwoo is probably my second favorite route in the game. And I'll start by lovingly pressing his cute little paws. Similar to how he acted as a rabbit, after turning in to a human, Jiwoo acts rude and snobby; a classic tsundere. Wishes brought to you- Jiwoo route part 2 Froggy Plays 3 lat temu Jiwoo tips: Check the relationship points before and after your actions.

In every single ending, the couple must make sacrifices to be together, some more heartbreaking than others. Wishes brought to you-Jiwoo Route [P9] MeliZbeauty 4 lat temu descargar canito y canuto latino dating is a 21 year old girl who pushes herself to be perfect at dandelion dating sim jiwoo dandelion yet she realizes that she does not know what she really desires.

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Jihae is a true bishi and gentlemen in the whole sense; Gorgeous, polite, reserved, thoughtful, and his voice is just simply deliciously deep and sexy. Date events are different for each date area and also change as you gain more relationship points. Made me want to punch the guy.

All of the endings are for the most part bittersweet, although they are quite open. He initially shows no respect for Heejung, constantly calling her "stupid" or "dumbo," but once Heejung romances him the player finds out the pain he went through to get to where he is.

His jacket may also have white sides panels that extend to long coat tails. Jiwoo is often seen reading lots of romance novels. Think The Sims, but… more otoge. It's an evidence of your little brain developing by spending time with me.

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On the left side of the screen you can see the date, your stats, and your Heart Gauge more on this one later…. Heejung really shines in this route, and Jiwoo helps Heejung to find her true passion in life. Their kiss scene was just oh so heart melting when they both finally admitted how they felt.

Heejung begins to settle into her new life with her pets comfortably until one day her life is turned upside down again when her pets suddenly become humans with animal ears and who speak perfect Korean. Look how far we've come DO NOT try to get relationship points with everyone at the same timeeven though this will hurt your feelings.

Dandelion jiwoo

After date scenes in the beginning, he tells Heejung to open the door for him and go cook dinner like a good commoner. Before choosing a particular action, you can enter every room — and go back if you want to. Edit When the player is first introduced to the animals, Jiwoo appears as a brown spotted rabbit clearly trying to keep distance from the rest of the animals in the basket.

He tries to run away whenever Heejung squishes his paws, and even faints one time when she is squishing them. It should also be noted that he knows his own trope and comments on how "the tsundere's charm never fades.

In human form, he is blonde with green eyes. One complaint I have about the game is the lack of explanation on controls, and general items and menus. Even his tragic past story could not redeem Jiyeon for me and at his ending I wanted to take his damn orange and shove it in his mouth.

I only had a server issue once with the game, but I still hate always online DRM systems.


Like you can go into the bathroom and bathe, which decreases stress and improves your beauty and femininity, but increases your pressure. Heejung comforting Jiwoo while he tells her about his past. I regret not choosing the ginger cat instead.

He believes they're the key to knowing more about the world, as well as how to deal with women. He starts like creeper stalking Heejung when shes out of the apartment and starts getting physical, as in like roughly handling, with Heejung anytime he finds Heejung around any other guy, or if he even suspects shes thinking of another man; And Heejung lets him even when hes so rough he bruises her arms.

XD And we have a rather sweet moment with Oh, and no Heejae route. Jiwoo's rabbit form may be a type of rabbit that does in fact have paw pads. His wish is the most selfless one out of all of the characters.

Thank goodness he was there when our sweetheart of a mom comes for an unexpected visit.

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Despite its faults, Dandelion is a solid Otome game and one of the better otomes in English that I have come across There are some decent indie ones out there though. For me, his ending was also the best and sweetest, even though sacrifices were made in his ending.

Far more better than just a rich guy.

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The one that wins the Game gets their wish granted by the Wizard. Don't get hearts with any other guy 2.

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His tragic past and his wish made me honestly tear up a bit and really struck me emotionally because of just how good of a person he was despite what all had happened to him.

Not all rabbit breeds have visible pads.