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Dandelion dating sim jihae video. Dandelion ~wishes brought to you~ review – fuwanovel

Similar to how he acted as a rabbit, after turning in to a human, Jieun behaves timid and shy, often depending on Jihae for almost everything.

This game contains examples of:

And then, one day, all five of them magically being friendly vs flirting into attractive men with cat or rabbit ears wearing otherworldly, European-based fantasy-style clothing. Jisoo's bad end is full of this.

His past is not particularly tragic, but is very relatable due to his age. All of the trim is gold. In every single ending, the couple must make sacrifices to be together, some more heartbreaking than others. For example, the Game and the Wizard are explained quite a bit in Jisoo and Jiwoos route, while they are barely mentioned in Jiyeon, Jihae, and Jieuns routes.

Jieun's alternate outfit consists of a white jacket with a design of a crown on it, a blue sweater vest with yellow stripes, a yellow shirt was a bow green bow tie underneath the sweater vest, a pair of white shorts, a pair black socks with white stripes, a white bonnet, and a pair of shoes that are colored white, yellow, brown, and green.

Heejung often comments and dandelion dating sim jihae video snarks on Jiwoo's cheesy romance novels and soap operas For those of you worried about his route due to Jieun being the youngest out of the 5, the dandelion dating sim jihae video character, his route is very, very conservative, so theres no worry about feeling like a statutory rapist or cradle robber with his route.

Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You - Otome (Dating Sim for the Ladies) - Jisoo Route - 1 / 2

Jihae was the product of an aristocrat and a commoner, which would have been bad enough, except white hair there is a sign of the nobility, meaning that Jihae's darker silver hair was seen as a terrible sign and he was shunned accordingly.

The cats tend to be wilder and more free-spirited, while the rabbits are more controlled and strict. And so her life with Boisterous Big Eater Jisoo the black catstuck-up Tsundere Jiwoo the brown spotted rabbitcool but gentlemanly Jihae the silver, long-haired rabbitcutesy and energetic Jiyeon the orange striped catand youngemotionless Jieun the white baby rabbit will begin Jiwoo also knows his tropes well.

The routes all end with Heejung and the boy being separated, only to finally be reunited years later. Because You Were Nice to Me: When he does choose to speak, it is often very blunt.

Dandelion, wishes brought to you ♥ Jihae true ending **No Commentary** -

I'm getting attached to it. When Jisoo complains about how 'gross' it is that Jihae and Jieun are so close and claims that he doesn't like guys, Jiyeon asks how that gels with that thing they did together one time when Jisoo got drunk. Hes surprisingly extremely romantic and he eventually eases up on the jerk comments and dotes on Jiwoo.

I've been wearing this cardigan for several years already He refers to Heejung primarily as "foodgiver," much to her consternation.

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Jiyeon, and Jisoo in his bad route. Only people with a desperate wish can see him, but Heejung is so damaged by her mother's parenting that she won't develop a desperate wish of her own.

Dandelion, wishes brought to you ♥ Jihae true ending **No Commentary**

Jieun also used to be a non-romantic example for Jihae. His wish is the most selfless one out of all of the characters. Heejung begins to settle into her new life with her pets comfortably until one day her life is turned upside down again when her pets suddenly become humans with animal ears and who speak perfect Korean.

Jieun at a couple of times in his route.

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The end of most of the routes. He can even be a bit aggressive if people get too loud, as shown by him shoving an apple in Jiyeon 's mouth when he wouldn't stop talking.

Side-character Heejae with his nerdy glasses and awkward crush on Heejung is the best example, but Jieun also counts at various times. Cheritz did a good job in producing a professional Korean VN and I am looking forward to more titles from them in the future; they definitely have my wallet waiting for their next VN Nameless.

This event marks the change from the common route into a character specific route.

More like Fantastic Classism, but the rabbits seem to form a structured kingdom and look down on the disorganised cats, while within rabbits a plain coat is a sign of good breeding, meaning that Jiwoo is very sensitive about his spots.

Despite its faults, Dandelion is a solid Otome game and one of the better otomes in English that I have come across There are some decent indie ones out there though. Instead they're reunited without anyone losing their memory because of Jieun's efforts.

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All of the boys, but long, silver-haired Jihae probably fits the best. Being the most mysterious out of the group, theres a lot of revelations in Jieuns route. Usually the main female character isn't ugly.

In an attempt to rebel against these constraints, she joined a university in a different city Initially, Jieun seems like the pampered prince, asking for the most trivial tasks to be done for him and complaining about the cats or anything really being too loud.

She quickly begins to become attached to the animals, finding a happiness she has not felt in years, and so she decides to keep them. Worst route in my opinion. A Tsundere 's charm never fades. You could probably trade Jisoo and Jiwoos route if you want to do Jiwoo first since both of their routes explain events and the endings are the most open.

Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You - Jihae Route part 5 - Bad End

He never once says something offensive to the heroine, and it very much comes off as that is because he is truly polite and does not judge. In his good ending, Jieun has a more mature look to him. In most routes, this is the conclusion to Heejung's and her mother's relationship.

Interesting fantasy meets slice of life storyline.

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Any relationship Heejung forms with the five guys would be considered this since the guys aren't exactly human. His expressions and voice are also described as "emotionless" and even "robotic," but he is shown to actively restrain his emotions rather than be void of them.