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I will get back to you A.

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Basically, you bet a small ish amount of coins, like 1 on a color. If the stream is not live and I have coins, please leave up to 24 hours before you assume that something went wrong with your redemption.

Please note that there is no way for you to get a refund if you lose your points from gambling. You can likely find more information out there, but I would use no more than 2 or 3 when you start at Simply go to AerozzTV's chat and type! Whenever sending coins is once again possible, the system will be re-enabled.

[Bot] CSGODouble Script guide (free coins to start)

The more money you have and the lower your bet is, the less likely it is that you will go bankrupt. Your coins will usually be sent to you within 30 minutes csgodouble free coins disabled dating AerozzTV's stream is currently live and I have coins to send out.

To combat rampant scamming player-to-player transfers are currently disabled pending additional security measures. Another way is by using the steamidfinder bot in AerozzTV's chat. You can also have it calculate the value for you with the failsafe value.

That depends on luck and your settings For account security, coin transfers are currently disabled. If you lose, you double your bet to 2.

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This script allows the use of multiple algorithms to increase your chances of winning, but the most notable one is the Martingale algorithm.

You do not have to be active to earn points. The base value is a little more difficult. You may check and redeem your points from this site only: This algorithm is good in the short term, so know when to quit. In fact, the person who created this script would send ALL of your coins to himself if you did not read the code first to remove the logic.

The way that it works is very simple. You did not include a valid SteamID64 in your request. CSGODouble's transfer system is disabled, and to save us being asked constantly when their coins will be delivered, we have just disabled the system.

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You have read the post. Possible reasons why you have not yet received coins are: And if you're lucky enough to roll 99 oryou will get triple the points you gambled! I accidentally gave the wrong SteamID64!

How do I find my SteamID64? Quick base bet advice: As soon as it's possible for me to send coins and I have spare time, I will send the coins to people who redeemed.

Why isn't Revlobot in the chat? If you rollyou get double the points you gambled.


If you have not received your coins after 24 hours and the status says that I have coins, please message me or whisper me on Twitch, reply to this post or comment on my Steam profile.

That being said, you likely do not have an infinite amount of money. You should be presented with a list of different IDs. Well, from my googling Last edited by Logey ; 30 May, 9: If you lose again, you double your bet to 4. Send a tip to me if you would like still! How do I get points?

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Converted to dollars, that is around 0. If steamidfinder is offline, a similar method is to use the website: You automatically gain 1 point every 3 minutes. Please do not ask any other mods or AerozzTV when coins will be sent out. How do I earn Revlo points? How long does it usually take to receive my coins?

Please do not complain to AerozzTV or any of his mods that you are not getting coins.

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We literally are unable to send coins to anyone. You will get your coins when it is possible to send them. Revlobot will only be in the chat when the stream is live. Simply copy the URL of your Steam profile, go to the website and paste it in the text box.