Crazy Cat Loves Water! - what a happy kitty Crazy Cat Loves Water! - what a happy kitty

Crazy girl loves cats dating, 26 unique gifts for people obsessed with penguins

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They are shoes that look like two black kitties staring up at the world. It has ears that come off of the umbrella, and features a pink heart nose as well as whiskers.

It features three towers for them to enjoy a skyrise view, as well as two cubby holes for them to hide in.

And Other Poems by Cats This book of poems is aptly named, because cats really could pee on anything they wanted all around your home, but are nice enough to confine it to the litter box. But these represent the funniest ones that will leave smile on their face and make them purr inside.

This is just the sort of thing cats love, and is sure to become their new favorite hangout spot.

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The Musical The quintessential cat musical is simply named Cats and features performers totally in character as cats. These gifts all have that certain something that cat fanatics are looking for: For example, the classic GO!

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It includes a comic detailing how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you, plus plenty of other high quality comics that are all cat-related and are sure to have you laughing along and possibly learning something about your cat as well. It shows plenty of different creations they can make using their cats hair.

The realistic movements they make and actions they take is mesmerizing, and any bona fide cat lover will appreciate this as a thoughtful gift.

Cat Crack Stick Cats love playing with sticks like these, so much so that the craft creator dubbed them cat crack sticks. A catscraper of course. Machine wash warm, purr dry. It has a sort of Mardi Gras feel to it, and is a bit racy with its double entendre, but will likely be appreciated by a cat lover.

Crazy Cats Love

But now the properties all have feline-based names, and the game pieces have been replaced with cat-related items.

It not only looks like a cute little kitty, it makes a meow sound as well which completes the package. DIY Catscraper What do you call a cardboard skyscraper built for cats?

DIY Catnip Toys Cats on catnip are a lot of fun to watch, and these toys will definitely get played with because they are infused with it. It goes right into the earphone jack, so it stays nice and secured to the phone, and makes it look like the little kitty is hanging out at the top of the phone.

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Black Cat Cookies These are the cookies to make if she has a black cat, and chances are she does if she has multiple cats. This emergency meow button is the answer, sounding off a meow at the press of a button. Everything you need to carry out the antics of a crazy cat lady comes right in the box, including more cats that one person can legitimately handle.

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Whenever they want to sing the song the kitty will sing along with the push of a button. The game actually encourages excessive cat ownership, as the player with the most cats at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Put the design on any colored t-shirt you think would look best on her. This musical gets rave reviews, and the performance recorded on this DVD is regarded as one of the best.

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