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Hello, my name is Joyce Dolberg Rowe LMHC, clinical director for the Mars & Venus Counseling Centers. Thank you for your interest in the Mars & Venus Counseling Centers. I would like to introduce you to who Mars Venus Counselors are, and what we do.

Mars Venus Counselors are highly experienced licensed professional counselors, psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists that are handpicked and personally trained by Dr. John Gray.  These men and women are experts in Mars Venus principles and practices, AND are also qualified to take you to the next level of integration and personal growth and assist you in creating change from the inside out. Our counseling team is located across the U.S. and each center offers its own unique approach to clients, while integrating the Mars Venus messages throughout.

You may have read one or more of John Gray’s books of worldwide acclaim, but did you know that Smart Marriages International recognized Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus as being the most sold book on this entire planet for the entire decade of the 1990s; there is a reason for this.  It works!!

Our group of specially trained counselors align themselves with Mars Venus because they acknowledge the visionary wisdom of the message that Dr. Gray has brought to all of us. Each of us has devoted a portion of our professional lives to teaching and guiding clients towards healthier relationships using the Mars Venus counseling practices and philosophies. The Mars Venus message is one of improving communication while also understanding the common differences between men and women. Counseling sessions are gender friendly, favoring neither gender over the other, and offer instrumental assistance to those in need.

Our nationwide network of Mars Venus Counselors can help you go beyond any therapies you may have attempted to work with because we will not only educate you, but also help you to remove the blocks to your personal success in all of your relationships: partners, children, workplace, or dating. Many counselors also offer individual specialties and you should inquire with the Mars Venus Counseling Center in your area as to what additional expertise they can offer you.

Working with a Mars Venus Counselor can help to open your eyes to the common differences between men and women that seem to cause such stress in our lives. Once a deeper understanding is created, most clients report feeling a greater sense of relief, connection and devotion to themselves and their relationships. We invite you to connect with the Mars Venus Counseling center in your area. You can search directly for a counselor by clicking here.

We wish you the very best in your relationships and hope that your journey leads you to a healthy and happy life.

Joyce Dolberg Rowe LMHC
Clinical Director for the Mars & Venus Counseling Centers