Ancient Mystery of Puma Punku Stones in Tiahuanaco Ancient Mystery of Puma Punku Stones in Tiahuanaco

Cosmogenic dating of puma punku ancient, …well these blocks in the photos below seem to tick all the boxes for me… what do you think?

The structures alone, and their elaborate design and precision points that ancient civilisation was much more advanced than we thought.

Advanced Technology

All of the blocks are cut so that they interlock, and fit together like a puzzle. Other evidence, that being carvings of bearded people that are not Andean, have been recorded throughout the area.

In sharp contrast, the cramps used at the Akapana canal were fashioned by the cold hammering of copper-arsenic-nickel bronze ingots. In the vicinity of Tiahuanaco, experts excavated a mysterious object called the Fuente Magna Bowl.

Wikimedia Commons On the first day of spring, the sun rises directly above the center of the temple, through a stone archway. The finely cut doorways and remaining stone blocks bear no chisel marks and many interlock with very fine precision.

In the south canal of the Meteoro serie animada latino dating punku, the I-shaped cramps were cast in place. It is as if only master builders were allowed to come in and construct Puma Punku. The only explanation for this precision work is the use of machine tools similar to the diamond-tipped quarry saws, masonary drills and CNC routers used today and powered by electricity or internal combustion engines.

The internal angles and faces of this stone were finished to 'machine' quality. There is no mortar. It is now believed that theses 'Ties' were made by pouring molten metal into the prepared holes.

How is it that these ancient people were able to cut stones like this?

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A comet that came too close to the Earth? Another theory suggests that the ancient builders of Puma Punku made use of the llama skin ropes and the use of ramps and inclined planes.

The Door of the Puma The Puma punku was an terraced earthen mound originally faced with megalithic blocks.

Enduring Mystery Surrounds the Ancient Site of Puma Punku | Ancient Origins

Its weight has been estimated to be Unable to produce the massive crop yields necessary for their large population, the Tiwanaku are argued to have scattered into the local mountain ranges cosmogenic dating of puma punku ancient, only to disappear shortly thereafter. There are no trees in the area, the nearest quarry is at least 10 miles away, and we have no records as to how any of this could have been done.

However, the blocks do not have the same dimensions, although they are close. Researchers have found no evidence whatsoever that the ancient builders of Puma Punku knew about the wheel.

A unique feature at Puma Punku is the use of recessed clamping.

Exposing Puma Punku - Fifty Facts about the Mysterious Ancient Ruins

Isbell of the University of Illinois, the site was constructed between approximately and A. Some legends claim that there have been a total of 4 cataclysmic events that have wiped out the majority of the worlds population thus far. Left Illustrating the sophisticated way in which the Puma-punka stones fit together.

It is hard to imagine how they did not come to be known as one of the wonders of the world like the Great Pyramid.

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The stonework at Puma Punku displays extraordinary precision public domain The Incas believed the city was the place where Viracocha, their deity of creation, created the ancestral people of all ethnicities and sent them out into the world to populate their respective lands.

This area was believed to have existed between heaven and Earth.

Ancient Mysteries: Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia | Exemplore

First of all all of the blocks are cut to be interlocked and fitted together like a puzzle. Right A stone gateway from the Akapana pyramid shows the same modular feature.

Not only is there evidence to support the claim of a cataclysmic flood, but there is even evidence to support the theory that people once lived there before such a flood even occurred.

The evidence points to this as the most likely explanation. The stories of Viracocha and his giant servants must have been primitive interpretations of visitation by highly intelligent aliens that posessed the technology to make the structures present at Puma Punku.

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Maps have been found that would seem to support this theory. The suspected flood could have happened somewhere around 12, years ago, and there is scientific evidence of tools, bones, and other material within flood alluvia, which suggests that a civilized people were there prior to any flood.

Puma Punku

Puma Punku and Tiahuanaco may have been in fact one massive complex. Steede disagrees that the meticulous builders would have made such an error. Such a discovery flies directly in the face of all our concepts of the construction skills of the ancients.

In the south canal of the Pumapunku, the I-shaped cramps were cast in place. Other evidence, including carvings of bearded people that are not Andean, has been recorded throughout the area.

Puma Punku complex with precision-cut stones including some weighing over tons and laid intricately into place without plausable explaination considering the primitive culture, limited tools and absence of trees to assist with construction and roller-delivery systems.

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Their oral traditions described the gods as having light skin and reddish hair. The second largest stone block found within the Pumapunku is 7.

How is it that these ancient people were able to cut stones like this?

However, there are no records of this work. This area was believed to have existed between heaven and Earth. Because the two civilzations are divided by almost 5, miles, a vast ocean, and lack of technological ability to build vessels capable of crossing the ocean. The ruins of Puma Punku are said to be the most fascinating, and most confusing of all.

The ancient ruins of Puma Punku are located in modern-day Bolivia.

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Clamps also once pieced together the enormous sandstone slabs used in the construction of the four platforms at Puma Punku.

Archeologists believe the site to be the cradle of civilization in South America—predating the Myans.

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The Ceramic bowl has Sumerian cuneiform and Proto-Sumerian hieroglyphic written on it. Based upon detailed petrographic and chemical analyses of samples from both individual stones and known quarry sites, archaeologists concluded that these and other red sandstone blocks were transported up a steep incline from a quarry near Lake Titicaca roughly 10 km away.

These structures transformed the local landscape; Pumapunku was purposely integrated with Illimani mountain, a sacred peak that the Tiwanaku possibly believed to be home to the spirits of their dead.

The characteristic monumental stone blocks trimmed in the shape of the letters H at Puma Punku public domain. Only a few places on earth display this type of stonework.

Megalithic Madness – Puma Punku H Blocks do not Interconnect?

Some of the structures on higher ground were once covered with 2 metres or so of earth. Even with modern day technology and information, these structures defy logic, and confound those who seek to solve the mysteries that lie within them.

According to radiocarbon dating results released by anthropology professor William H. Puma Punku is a large temple complex on the edge of Tiahuanaco.