Rendez Vous Lounge Bar in Conselve, Italy - Rendez Vous Lounge Bar in Conselve, Italy -

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The other person who knew about his arrival was Lelouch's girlfriend Gunilla Friden. DVD release[ edit ] Indocumentary filmmaker Richard Symons contacted Claude Lelouch and after six months of arduous talks, [3] persuaded him the film should be restored from its original 35 mm negative and re-released on DVD.

The gap for years, but renovated furnishings and appearance a few years ago, it remains a historic meeting place for locals, unlike other premises that enjoy substantial boom but little enduring and often finished with a Exchange management. Background music, historical remains of the bar.

If you do not use the service at the table, but ordering at the counter, waiting times may not be just a very short time: Offre entrata gratuita e diverse serate a tema indicate al d An acclaim and a greeting to the owner, beautiful person.

If you use the service at the table, the drink is still accompanied by practice from a saucer of light refreshments taken from maids from the buffet for guests.

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A photo has surfaced that seems to reveal an Eclair cam-flex 35mm camera with a wide angle lens, and a typical "speed rail" hard mount—no gyros—on a Mercedes.

Anyway, the traffic light at that junction showed green. Lelouch also claimed during a "making of" documentary that the soundtrack was dubbed with the sound of Lelouch's Ferrari GTBwhich has a corresponding number of gears and a V sound that is quite distinct from that of any V8, including the 6.

Among the strengths include the tables outside, exotic-looking with a fringed parasols, placed on a little square closed from Horseshoe condos and closed to traffic, except for a driveway access well delimited.

Exposition[ edit ] The film shows an eight-minute drive through Paris during the early hours There are two televisions to offer customers the vision of events, especially sports, such as football matches, exclusive on Sky.

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On the chosen course there were two people who knew to expect Lelouch. Offers free entry and different theme nights indicated in the fun with great prices. Tables well decorated outside, quite professional and polite service. The length of the film was limited by the short capacity of the foot 35mm film reel, and filmed from a supposedly gyro-stabilised camera mounted on the bumper of a Mercedes-Benz SEL 6.

Rendez Vous Lounge Bar / Conselve, Conselve Italy

In summer it can be consumed at the summer garden, spacious and relaxing. Pedestrians are passed, pigeons sitting on the streets are scattered, red lights are ignored, one-way streets are driven up the wrong way, centre lines are crossed, and the car drives on the pavement to avoid a rubbish lorry.

Here, the driver gets out and embraces a young blonde woman as bells ring in the background, with the famous backdrop of Paris.