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Millions lost their jobs, and unemployment climbed as high as 15 percent. Not surprisingly, the commission determined by an eight-to-seven vote that Republican Rutherford B. Presidential election and ended Congressional "Radical" Reconstruction.

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To arrive at a conclusion with regards to the 20 votes, an Electoral Commission was formed. In the late s and early s, a conservative Supreme Court also struck down much of the civil rights legislation that Radical Republicans had passed.

It was an undocumented deal that was struck between the Democrats and the Republicans behind personality types dating isfj doors, and the political impasse was not sorted out through debate in the US Congress.

The appointment of at least one Southern Democrat to Hayes's cabinet. Vann Woodward argued for an economic interpretation, saying that emerging business and industry interests of the New South found common ground with Republican businessmen, particularly with the railroads.

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It marked the end of the Reconstruction Era, and opened the doors for reinstating discriminatory policies against Blacks that the northern states had for so long been trying get rid of.

During Presidential Reconstruction, white supremacist Congressmen passed a series of laws called the black codes, which denied blacks the right to make contracts, testify against whites, marry white women, be unemployed, and even loiter in public places.

As there was no change in congressional apportionment, southern whites accrued great power by controlling all the seats of the compromise of 1877 yahoo dating based on states' total populations.

The Compromise of was the result of these meetings. It resolved the impasse about the result of the presidential elections of Tilden on the understanding that Hayes would remove the federal troops that were propping up Republican state governments in South CarolinaFlorida and Louisiana.

In fact, as regards the first and most important point, Hayes had already announced his support for the restoration of "home rule", which would involve troop removal, before the election.

Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, and Sharecroppers Countless carpetbaggers northerners who moved to the South after the war and scalawags white Unionists and Republicans in the South flocked to the South during Reconstruction and exerted significant influence there.

What the Compromise of Meant

Congress Steps In To resolve the dispute, Congress set up an electoral commission in Januaryconsisting of five U. However, the deal would stand ground, if only both the parties agreed to the following conditions of each other: They met secretly at Wormley's Hotel in Washington to forge a compromise with aid to internal improvements: He tightened military security, and nobody marched on Washington.

Simply put, it was agreed that the Democrats would recognize Hayes as president if the Republicans did the following: However, when David Davis, the independent candidate refused to accept the nomination, the balance tilted towards the Republicans with Republican Joseph Bradley replacing Davis.

Most former slaves in the South, meanwhile, became sharecroppers during the Reconstruction period, leasing plots of land from their former masters in exchange for a percentage of the crop yield.

What the Compromise of 1877 Meant

The Election By the s, support was waning for the racially egalitarian policies of Reconstructionas many southern whites had resorted to intimidation and violence to keep blacks from voting and restore white supremacy in the region.

Little, Brown and Company. Striking Down Radical Reconstruction By the mids, Democrats had retaken the South, reseating themselves in southern legislatures by driving blacks and white Unionists away from the polls and employing violence and other unethical tactics to win state elections.

In any case, whether by a semi-formal deal or simply reassurances already in line with Hayes's announced plans, talks with Southern Democrats satisfied the worries of many and so prevented a Congressional filibuster that had threatened to extend resolution of the election dispute beyond Inauguration Day But Peskin notes that no serious federal effort was made after Hayes took office to fund a railroad or provide other federal aid for improvements.

Inthe Court ruled in United States v.


Originally, the Commission was supposed to be composed of 7 Democrats, 7 Republicans, and 1 Independent. The construction of another transcontinental railroad using the Texas and Pacific in the South this had been part of the "Scott Plan," proposed by Thomas A.

Inreporters uncovered a scheme by millionaires Jim Fisk and Jay Gould to corner the gold market by artificially inflating gold prices. At the time, U. The expectation in setting up the committee had been that its decisions would be accepted by congress.

Democrats agreed to concede the presidency to the Republicans in exchange for the complete withdrawal of federal troops from the South.

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Afterwhite supremacy generally caused the South to vote Democratic in elections for federal office the " Solid South " until With such changes in the scenario, the Republicans traded the Reconstruction efforts for the Presidential seat of the country.

The Compromise of was a landmark event in the annals of American history that saved a nation whose wounds from the Civil War were still fresh.

Whether by informal deal or simply reassurances already in line with Hayes's announced plans, talks with Southern Democrats satisfied the worries of many.

The Reconstruction was mostly carried on in the Southern states. The Black Codes and Ku Klux Klan Despite sweeping rights legislation by Radical Republicans in Congress, southern whites did everything in their power to limit the rights of their former slaves.

As the presidential election approached, the Democrats chose as their candidate Governor Samuel B.