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Browser and App Access is only available to www.

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To do so, you must follow the specific directions at the redemption center to receive your credits as a donation. Because all hosting companies have differently configured servers, it is possible that some portion might not work properly.

All Program users must have a valid Microsoft account see here for details or another identifier if allowed by Microsoft see hereand must meet the minimum system requirements. This applies to you and your successors.


In such event, Licensee agrees to return to Licensor or to destroy all copies of the Software upon termination of the License. If you find something is not working, please submit it to our support dating sites profiles headline example for linkedin. If applications or software that violates this contract are detected on your computer, you will not receive Rewards and credits will not be donated.

Interpreting the Contract All parts of this contract apply to the maximum extent permitted by relevant law. Microsoft will use reasonable efforts to provide the cash donation to the applicable non-profit organization within 60 days of the end of the previous calendar quarter.

Upon Program cancellation, notwithstanding your ability to redeem your credits within the time allowed, your right to use the Program and accrue future points ends carbon dating false. You may not transfer to anyone else, either temporarily or permanently, any rights to use the Program or any part of the Program.

If you contact Microsoft in the future about your Reward order you may be required to provide your order number.

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Regarding the add-on products that we provide in order to facilitate third-party functionalities in our plugin, the customers should make support request to the third party.

Any user deemed to be participating in any manner that does not comply with this contract may be disqualified from the Program and any other current or future Microsoft promotions or programs.

Your Account will reflect the number of available credits, credits in process pending redemption ordersand redeemed credits. As long as your Program account is active and in good standing, you are como pegarle como cr7 yahoo dating a license to participate in the Program.

Credits are not your personal property, and you may not obtain any cash or money in exchange for them. You may not use any service intended to obfuscate your true IP address or your location.

Depending upon your submitted issue our support team may require your credentials to resolve the issue prevailing in your site.

Each copy must reproduce all copyright and other proprietary rights notices on or in the Software Product.

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The Program will stop counting your current searches and collecting the information described herein if Microsoft, in its sole discretion, decides to end the Program, or if you opt-out of the Program.

For fraud detection purposes, the Program also may collect information regarding the way you enter search queries.

Please note that we do not provide warranties for the Program. Any credit earning opportunities may be capped for each user regardless of the number of computers or devices including Mobile used, may be time limited, and the ability to earn such additional credits will be communicated through the Rewards credit counter as defined below.

Rewards will be emailed to the email address you provide when ordering your Reward. To do so, you must download or have downloaded the US-English language version of the Bing Bar available at http: Browser and App Access users may be required, from time to time, to sign-in to your Microsoft account or another form of authentication as allowed by Microsoft, in order to earn credits and view total credits available to redeem.

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You may not create derivative copies of the SoftwareProduct. This support will not include the customization help for the plugin or other products, ours or others. All other claims, including claims regarding consumer protection laws, unfair competition laws, and in tort, will be subject to the laws of your state of residence in the United States.

The Rewards credit counter will display the total number of credits you have available to redeem in the Program, as well as other information about the Program. Notices emailed to you will be deemed given and received when the email is sent. In case, if you have not submitted a ticket regarding an issue you encounter with the plugin, we will not be able to process your refund request.

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You can read the type of data collected by Facebook and their terms of use here: You may redeem your credits by visiting the redemption center. Your Notices to Us You may notify us as stated in the customer support or 'help' area for the Program.

You are responsible for all federal, state and local taxes and any other costs of accepting and using the Reward. If any issues found in our customers site caused by our plugin, we will provide our services without charging extra to solve those. Members may also redeem no more than 55, credits per calendar year in the Program.

You may participate in the Program through entry points described above subject to the other limitations herein. The demo is exactly the same software you are purchasing.

To redeem credits, you must provide your true first and last name, and submit an accurate mailing address, working phone number, and email address.

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Additional personal information may be required to redeem credits for certain Rewards. Redemption of Microsoft Rewards Credits. Unredeemed credits expire if you do not earn any credits for one hundred-eighty days; after such time Microsoft may close your Program account with or without notice.

During the Program, unredeemed credits shall expire if you do not earn any credits for days. You can claim the refund within 10 days from the purchase date.

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There are no differences. Specifically, Toolbar Access collects information about your interaction with different search engines, including the number of web searches you do each day on different search engines; and the types of searches you complete, such as for news or images.

You can also opt-out of Google Analytics here: You may not reverse engineer, decompile, defeat license encryption mechanisms, or disassemble the Software Product or Software Product License except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law not withstanding this limitation.

If Microsoft offers airline mile Rewards, each airline mile account may only receive Rewards orders from one Account. We are also ready to refund the full payment made if our mentioned features do not work on your site or in case if we are unable to resolve the issue encountered with our plugin.

We may disable your Microsoft Rewards credit counter and terminate this contract when the Program ends, or if you violate this contract. Premium support is the support that you receive within the defined period of the product purchase.